Sunday, November 12, 2023

Kruger national Park Pics April 2023

So I see I never even posted some of the amazing photos and videos of our trip to Kruger National Park in April! It's disgrace that I hadn't been there since 2016! But sometimes life just happens... So we spent a night at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp, a Night at Lower Sabie, 2 nights at Satara and 2 nights at Letaba. I enjoyed it SO MUCH, and really hope we can go again next year. Privileged to live 4 hours' drive away from all of this... even though we barely have electricity and the water infrastructure seems to be on the brink as well LOL. Enjoy the pics.

6 Years and going strong!!!!

I've been meaning to do a post again, but keep forgetting! Then yesterday anon's comment reminded me that a post is LONG overdue! I cannot believe my last post was 1 May... shocking!

So the biggest milestone was my 6 year Lungaversary almost 2 weeks ago on 31 Oct! It's a biggish one for me, because when my previous lungs got to 6 years I had been diagnosed with chronic rejection. However this time around all is still well! Thank goodness! I didn't celebrate as much as I would have liked to, due to studying! (more about that later). But I will make up for the lack of celebration in December! (more about that later too). I had a medical check up just before the lungaversary, and it went GREAT. My kidneys took a bit of a mystery dip in June, but they have recovered luckily. Lung function great, all other bloods fine, next app next year! I actually don't have any other medical check ups this year, but I think I'll have to see a dentist somewhere this month for a tooth that might need a crown.

Studies: So at end of Aug and beginning of Sept I wrote my last two outstanding subjects for my Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Unfortunately I didn;t get the required 60% for the Case Study subject, so I had to re-write that one this past Monday. It's an 8 hour exam, super exhausting, but this second time went a million times better. It helps to know what to expect! Thank goodness the exams are over now! Now I can breathe a bit (no pun intended) and prepare for the end of the year's trip!

So in 1 month and 1 day's time, Arno and I leave for our xmas holiday in the UK! We booked tickets in June already, so it's been a wait, but very excited! We'll be staying in a friend Carli's flat in London for a week and a bit, then off to my aunt in Yorkshire for a few days over Christmas, and then down to Bristol to visit another friend Bonnie. Flying back on 31 Dec, entering the New Year on a high note! Can't wait, this will be my 5th time in the UK, but Arno's first time, so will be so nice to experience it through his eyes again! Also super keen for the proper Xmas vibes, it's not quite the same here where Christmas equals heat and summer! The odds of a white Christmas is probably not high unfortunately, but we can hope!

In June we had a short break to Stilbaai (directly translated means Quiet Bay), for a mini university reunion! It's been 20 years of friendship with a core group of friends from varsity, and we finally got to all meet up at the same time (partners and kids included where applicable), at the amazing holiday house of Terrance's family. Even though it was winter, the sun was shining, the air fresh, and the company AMAZING, so good for the soul!

We also had a great family long-weekend at the end of Sept on a Game Farm. The photo's speak for themselves!

The year hasn't been all holidays and fun though. Arno and I really tried to move to Joburg, so that I can be closer to work, my doctors and family (we stay in Pretoria, the city next to Johannesburg, so I drive 50km between work and home, so 100km per day going to work in terrible traffic.) We put in an offer on a townhouse that we loved in the same suburb as my parents, the offer was accepted, but then the body corporate would only allow one cat, and we have three... When when found a house we loved, put in an offer along with like 4 other people, and our was accepted. Arno's place was "sold", but then his sale fell through... and we couldn't find other buyers, so we lost the house. Was such a bummer. At least now I work from home 2 days a week, so that helps a LOT. Then interest rates rose etc etc so we didn't even try to sell his place again. For now we're just staying put and seeing what happens. Hopefully next year will be more exciting on that front. Fingers crossed. 

That's everything in a nutshell! I promise I will report back on our Dec adventure in Jan before work starts again on 3 Jan!