Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good weekend! (and a mini rant!)

We had a quiet evening on Friday eve, making steak in the dark due to Loadshedding (to any overseas readers: in a nutshell: Loadshedding is the result of BAD PLANNING by our country's power utility and BAD MAINTENANCE over the last 2 decades, no accountability by anyone, resulting in not enough electricity for the country to run. So there are planned power cuts the whole time, causing SHIT traffic, chaos in households everywhere, panic (and one death reported) for people on home oxygen or other critical electricity-needing devices who cannot afford generators... but hey, that's nothing compared to fellow Africans being killed by South Afticans in horrible ways based on the fact that they were born in a different place on the same continent and out political leaders doing pretty much nothing about it. Then of course threats of retaliation from those African countries to South Africans who find themselves in THEIR countries. And least importantly, statues of historical figures or animals are being torn down and vandalised for a variety of "logical" and purely insane reasons. So all in all most South Africans had a BAD morale this week and are feeling pretty helpless and worried. #Xenophobia #VentingOver.)

Yesterday's trip to Cape Town was cool. Rather rushed but was great seeing everyone again and had very productive meeting. Today we went on a major shopping spree... bought some travel stuffs, had passport pics taken for Visa, and most importantly we both got a new iPhone! We're both changing from Samsung phones, but loving it so far. And I chose one with the biggest storage capacity (128GB) so my can take loads of video's and pics in America!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April is more than half-way done??!!

This month is FLYING past! Easter long-weekend was good, pretty chilled, didn't do much. Last week was busy at work with month-end and people being off sick. This past weekend was also quiet... did a LOT of gardening, we had supper with my parents and sis & Pierre on Sat eve. I think it's been so long since our last holiday (October), that weekends are just spent recovering from the week!

Went to gym on Sunday and yesterday. Sunday it was pretty good, everything felt pretty easy. Yesterday it was tough! Couldn't do as much as Sunday. So weird!!!!! I mean my lung function didn't change, yet I felt more short of breath yesterday. You would have thought that, if anything, Sunday would have felt worse as I haven't been to gym yet this month and it was my first time back. Anyways.... sure there is no explanation for it, maybe I was just more tired yesterday. Doing lung function next week again.

My sis and Pierre are off to Paris tomorrow for holiday!! It's a dream come true for them, so very excited for them! Jealous too and wishing our overseas trip was closer! But planning and waiting in anticipation is half of the excitement, so don't want to miss out on that either! In Aug we won't be able to believe it's all over and I'll prob be wishing it's April again! On Saturday I'll be flying down to Cape Town for a SA Transplant Sports Association meeting. It's going to be a busy day, but looking forward to seeing some familiar faces! Sunday I have to go for bloods for lung check-up in the week, and hopefully just RELAX.

Have a good weekend xxx

Sunday, April 12, 2015

California here we come!!!!

So one of my New Years resolutions is HAPPENING!!!!!!! Yesterday we booked our tickets and paid for Visa's to visit Anna and Casey!!!!! We will literally be arriving there today in 3 months' time!!!! I cannot actually put into words how excited I am. I've never been to the US, and exploring a small part of it with Chris, my transplant-twin Anna and her hubby would be a dream come true.

We first met them in person at the 2013 World Transplant Games in Durban where she won like a million medals for swimming. We then saw them in October when they were in Cape Town and spend 4 fabulous days with them. Recently Anna has also been diagnosed with Chronic Rejection too (apparently I "gave" it to her) and had her Nissen Funduplication surgery just over a week ago (I had mine in Nov 2012). So this is added motivation for both of us to stay fit and well. Also excited to see her parents again (we met them at the WTG in Durban as well), they are such lovely people.

Now we can start planning the details.... eeeekkkkkkk!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inspiration: Kirstie Tancock - Two double lungs transplants later

I've know Kirstie for quite a while via facebook and her blog is featured under my blog list. ... She is lovely and has definitely inspired me from a fitness perspective!!!! And determination!!! The first video below was done recently, and is where she is currently at in life. What a journey..... When she had her first transplant in 2011 Chris and I were actually IN London after the World Transplant Games that took part in Sweden that year! I was soooo excited for her.

Her Chronic Rejection happened during the same time that mine started. Hers just moved a million times faster than mine did :-( I was over the moon when she got her 2nd paid of lungs almost immediately and so soon after being told she cannot be re-transplanted. I remember the devastating post on fb saying that she won;t be eligible for new lungs again.... miracles happen!!!

My New Lungs - 19 March 2015

Love On The Transplant List - about 3 years ago.

Friday, April 3, 2015

April and Easter

It's April! First quarter of the year done and dusted. Plus April has 3 public holidays so YAY!!! It's also Easter weekend so to everyone who celebrates Easter, HAPPY EASTER.

We went to church this morning with my sis and Pierre, followed by cheesecake and coffee at Melissa's in Parkhurst. Not feeling great so spending the rest of the day on the couch. Watching old episodes of Greys Anatomy. Feeling sooooo tired and body sore and sensitive. Very weird. Glad I don't have to go to work till Tuesday! Bleh... Hoping I don't feel like this the whole weekend though, would be a waste of 4 days off!

My mom is also running the Two Oceans half-marathon this weekend! Very proud of her!

Have a good long-weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paint Nite, weekend and headaches

Rest of last week was full of medical stuff as expected. Dermatologist burned off 5 transplant "wart" things which looks gross now. One on hand, one on left cheek, and 3 on chest.  Have to have this done every few months or so otherwise they spread, and due to my suppressed immune system they don't go away on their own.

Had CT scan of sinuses done on Friday, even though I was more than an hour late for it due to BAD traffic. The amazing staff at CT scans waited for me and saved me ANOTHER trip to Milpark. The ENT called me yesterday, and the just of it is that my sinuses don't look awesome, but I must carry on using the new cortisone spray and see him again on 20 April. It does feel like the spray is making a difference so that's good.

Not much happened over the weekend, Saw Andrew and Bianca and Brendan twice. Brekkie on Sat morning at Salvation Cafe and lunch on Sunday at our house. Was great catching up!

Last night I FINALLY attended a Paint Nite! It was BRILLIANT fun! I went with Fawn and Genevieve, it was hosted at The Baron on Main, and it was the best way ever to spend a Monday night! The concept is that the evening has an artist who takes you through painting a specific piece step by step, while having drinks and fun. Last night was neon-themed, and the the UV light was out, adding even more atmosphere and fun to everything.

I definitely made the right career choice by not going into art, (and right subject choices in High School for that matter!), but the evening is just about relaxing and having fun. Eventually we started painting ourselves, and stayed until they were packing up! Definitely highlight of the week by a long shot! Check out their website here...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bumper Bashings and Headaches

This has NOT been my week!!!! Monday morning on the way to work I had my first official "car accident". The car in front of me suddenly slammed his breaks (for the car in front of him) and I drove into the back of his car. Got a big fright but the damage doesn't SEEM to bad. My car worse than the other car.  Had to go to Police Station after work (and x-ray and grocery shopping) to get a case nr for insurance.

So the x-ray I went for was for my sinuses. Been having bad (what feels like) sinus headaches. So I went for the x-ray on Monday, and made appointment to see ENT today. Well he couldn't see much on the x-ray or with his camera down my nose, so now I have to go for sinus CT scan on Friday. Hopefully that sheds some light on the matter!!! Tomorrow I see the Dermatologist to have some tiny med-related warts burned off. Bad timing but I've already moved the appointment once, so will just go.

So 4 medical stuffs this week, and crashing my car. Plus we haven't had water at work for 1.5 days, and no electricity at home this afternoon! I'm also in my self-payment gap so all this medical fun is really making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside *sarcasm*.

P.S. It's not all doom and gloom, also working on some holiday plans... hoping they work out!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekend - yay

Not much happened this week, we saw a friend on Tuesday at our favourite Chinese restaurant all the way in Alberton that Chris and I always used to get take-away from when we were still dating. I had the best sushi EVER. Went to gym on Wednesday and upgraded the 6kg dumbbell in my routine to the 7kg one... strong arms here I come.

Tomorrow we're off to Cullinan by steam train for a family day trip. Very excited and should be pretty great. Hopefully the massive headache/sinus thing I've been struggling with the whole day will be gone by then.

Below is pretty sunset after a thunderstorm we had yesterday afternoon. Love Joburg weather!