Monday, June 22, 2020


I had my follow up lung function test today. The previous one was just over a month ago, and it had dropped a bit from the previous time. It was a bit scary because there has been a few drops since Sept last year. It was 97% at the end of Sept, 94% in Dec, 92% in Feb, when I was a bit sick with Rhinovirus, and then last month it was 89%. So my Dr suggested I repeat it a month later. I haven't actually SEEN my Dr since the beginning of Feb due to Covid, but at least there is whatsapp. He didn't seem too concerned, but I was.

I had to do a Covid test last week, before being allowed to blow on the lung function machine. The results came out on Friday evening so did the lung function this morning. It was back to 93% FEV1% at least and 118% FVC! Yay! Feeling SO relieved!

The Comrades 10km was fun. I did another 10km yesterday with my mom. It's nice to slowly see some improvement!

My nephew is being super cute as always. So nice to be on the same property as them! It's been extremely cold this past week, and winter still has a long way to go. Although at least technically the days are getting longer again from today. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

2 years 7 months

Sunday marked 2 years 7 months with the new lungs. It was also a year since Chris and I decided to get divorced. It feels like a whole lifetime has happened in that year. Grateful of course for another month of easy breathing. I've really been enjoying running outside again. I'm even in a better spot now than I was fitness wise than before lockdown started.

I managed to have a lung function test done 2 weeks ago. I was 2 months after my previous appointment was supposed to be. I could only do the lung function test, and only after I had done a Covid test. My lung function was down a bit - FEV1 of 89%, FVC 115% (and has been down tiny bits at the last 4 check ups, so that's really annoying). It's such small drops that it's barely considered a drop, but with my history of rejection of the previous lungs it makes me anxious. So I have to have it repeated again in another 2 weeks' time. In the meantime I'm just trying not to think about it.

I had to go to the dentist on Tuesday morning, An old filling fell out while I was eating over the weekend, so had to have that fixed. Work is back to normal capacity, and Andrew is back from PE. It's nice to have small things return to "normal".

I'm loving the new home. Most of the stuff I've ordered online have arrived, and it's feeling very cosy. Also loving being able to do some gardening again. It's a pity that we're going into winter, but hopefully everything I've planted so far will look amazing in 3 months' time.

Don't have much else to say. Preparing to do a virtual 10km Comrades run thing on the 14th of June, so that's something to work towards.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

New Home

I have moved! Since last weekend, I now live in the garden cottage in my sister and Pierre's house. It's very close to where I used to stay... only 1.1km away. So I'm in the same area essentially. There was a few factors that contributed to the move. Safety (Covid and otherwise), financially, this cottage is much warmer, and I get to help out with my nephew a bit! Especially now during lockdown.

The move was rather stressful, but I'm all settled in now. The month with my parents was a life-saver, but it's so nice to have my own little place again. Some pics below:

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The forgotten post about my UK visit - visiting Bonnie in Bristol!

I realised the other day that I never did a blog post about the last leg of my UK trip. Visiting my friend Bonnie in the Bristol area. Of course looking back now, I can't believe this was just over three months ago only, and it makes me super sad because I don't know if and when the opportunity for international travel will be available again. I am SO GRATEFUL that I did this trip when I did!!! The timing was perfect!

I'm just going to share pics. It includes a day visit to Bath and exploring Bristol and Chippenham! What an amazing experience.