Sunday, January 19, 2020

Winter Christmas

I didn't get a white Christmas, but my first ever winter Christmas was nevertheless fun! VERY different from a summer Christmas. Firstly, the Brits do xmas on a MUCH larger scale than we do. Christmas music on the radio non-stop. Christmas decorations everywhere, beautiful lights up, (makes sense, seeing as it gets dark so early LOL), and it's just a much bigger deal.

My cousin Carin and her two doggies joined us, so it was a house full of fur-kids! On Christmas morning we went for a Parkrun, which was great. It's a bit different running in 4 degrees C on ice! I had to be careful not to slip! After Parkrun, we had a brunch, followed by opening the presents!

We listened to the Queen's speech, followed by a late lunch! It was a lovely day. Very cosy!

On Boxing Day there was a hunt in the village (a fake hunt... no real foxes were hurt). A very interesting experience. Our doggies didn't like the hounds!

Richmond and York

After London, I was off to Yorkshire to visit my aunt and uncle, Annelie and Bernie. They're the reason I've been able to see so much of the UK previously! Since my last visit they've moved from Chesham just outside London, to Aldbrough St John, a small village in Yorkshire, so it was great to see their new home. I also haven't met my cousin Jasper the spaniel before!  We did quite a bit of sightseeing, two Parkruns, and a very cosy Christmas.

Richmond - This is their closest town to Aldbrough St John. We walked around quite a lot here, checked out the castle and Easby Abbey. Absolutely stunning town!

The other town we visited was York. Also amazing! So many cute little shops! And a stunning cathedral Westminster. We couldn't go in there as it was a Sunday and they were having mass.