Sunday, November 25, 2012


Weekend was nice, probably the best in a while. Yesterday a friend and I went for a pedicure which was GREAT, they even had a masaging chair which is just what my back ordered! Also went for lunch and I ate the BEST food I've had since Nov7... Gnocci in pesto cream sauce and mint lemonade which was FANTASTIC even though I eat really slowly with all the chewing and I get full really quickly. Also had some soft lasagne in the evening.

This morning was the annual CF Walk and it was nice to walk the 5km with Aviva. Most exercise I've done in a while and made me miss gym even more! At least in 2 weeks time I will definitely be back at the gym even if it's just for walking on treadmill and cycling or so. We had brunch afterwards and I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (VERY nice). Had coffee with my parents in the afternoon too. Only problem with the weekend (and whole of last week) has been lack of sleep. It's simmilar to the time after my tx when I also couldn't lie on my tummy and had to try and fall asleep on my back/sides. No idea why this is so hard for me!!! And trying not to drink half a sleeping pill EVERY night but will have to take it again tonight seeing as I slept about 8 hours IN TOTAL this whole weekend :-( Let's hope today's walk helped as well. Otherwise this week will be SUPER long.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

4 years 10 months

Yup it's the 22nd again! Another month closer to the big 5 years!!!! Highlight of the day... PASTA. first solid food in 15 days. Not the biggest pasta fan (had too much of it growing up I think) but this was GREAT.

Pain-wise tummy is doing well. Not really sore at all anymore just uncomfortable. Lower back ribs on the right side is rather painfull when I breathe in deeply though. I think I pulled a muscle or something, but right now that's a lot more irritating than the tummy.

Work has been very rough this week in that it's been SOOO draining and haven't been sleeping very well. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND. Will be being a bit more social :-) Really need some fun in my life right now.

Below is my Peppie cat chilling next to me :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post-op check-up

Saw surgeon today for check-up (12 days post op). She was very impressed with my progress and incisions look good (the one is a bit bumpy due to apparent bleeding in muscle or something like that but she said my body will absorb it with time). So all good and I can start eating pasta and mashed potato-like food now. She said by mid-December I should be eating like normal again if I chew my food properly. And 2 weeks or so until I can go back to gym, although walking not an issue so might do the CF walk at the zoo this sunday...

Going back for last check-up with the surgeon early in Jan, and have booked full lung check-up on 21 Jan... the day before my 5 year lungaversary. So apart from gynae who needs to reschedule my appointment (was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but she was in a car accident or something and her rooms will reschedule with me when she's better?!) it looks like the rest of this year MAY JUST be doctor-free :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to work, back to reality!

So tomorrow I'm going back to work! Pain so much better, yay. Tried driving again yesterday and it went fine. So it's all systems go. On Tuesday I see the surgeon again for a check-up and a bit of a Q&A session regarding what exactly I can and cannot eat, when I can gym again etc. Also keen to hear what the final PH probe report said, seeing as apparently the patient is not allowed to get the report, but will rather not go into that right now... lots of financial and just plain irritating medical frustrations going on!

Hoping that by the end of the week my life will be back to nomal and that gym will follow soon after. Feels like the lungs are begging for a good work-out. Wish me luck for tomorrow, could already see mail mailbox at work is FULL!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 week with the altered insides

So glad it's not a week ago when I was in theatre!!!! Waking up was not fun. And at least the worst is over now. Pain a lot better but definitely still there. I have also been able to do some things around the house and thus feeling less useless. Still hoping to be back at work by Monday.

The eating is going OK, surviving on soup (thanks mom), custand, jelly, Ensure and ice-cream. Missing my meat but hoping next week I can have mashed potato at least. Have definitely lost some weight but no idea how much. Will only find out once I put foot in the gym again! Hopefully it won't be tooooo long until that happens either!

The pic below is the amazing flowers that Chris' work sent to me while I was in hospital. So thoughtfull of them and they are seriously looking prettier every day!

PS, almost forgot to mention the most important bit... NO HEARTBURN YET SO FAR!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm home! Got discharged yesterday, a day later than expected due to pain. The surgery went well, lung Dr and surgeon was happy. Spent the one night in ICU as expected, survived it at least, bed-pans and all! All in all everything went as planned, except for the amount of pain I am/was in! On Friday it felt worse than after my transplant. Really didn't expect it to be so sore. Also didn't realise I'll have to be off from work for so long... I expected a week, and seems like it'll be double that! So far I've been coping with the liquid diet, but already craving some solid food, esp meat. Am considering bleding up some fries with salt and vinegar to get the chips taste!

Hoping the reflux will be gone forever now... had some pretty mixed up food today (coffee, tea, custard, butternut soup, ensure and chocolate melted in my mouth) and no heartburn so far... good sign I guess!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surgery on Thursday: Nissen Fundoplication

So FINALLY something is being done to fix my reflux. Having the Nissen surgery on Thursday. Very nervous but relieved. Scared that it will be very painfull afterwards, hope that's not the case. The surgeon said I should be in hosp for 2 nights, of which the first will have to be in ICU :-(

The worst part of recovery will be 6-8 weeks of no eating solid food. Need to learn how to make soup asap!!! Also bought a blender today...


Thursday, November 1, 2012

PH and doctors

This week has been FILLED with Doctors and tests. On Sunday I had bloods done for Monday's lung check-up. Monday's check up was OK, bloods were all fine, but lung function dropped a bit to 95% (probably due to reflux but PH probe test will confirm that).

Tuesday I went to have PH probe (goes through nose down to stomach) insterted after work (was horribly uncomfortable and crap). Wednesday I had to go to work with the probe in (tried to stay at my desk!!!) and at 18:00 probe came out again. Tried to eat as much heartburn-inducing foods as possible in the 24 hours even though swallowing was quite hard with the pipe going down my throat. After the 24 hours throat was pretty damn sore, but did have some heartburn at least, and when the Dr looked at the results on her PC she saw I definitely have reflux issues. So relieved seeing as the gastroscopy and barium swallows were all normal. Thought I was going to be needing another Dr, this time for mental issues!

The reflux Doc still has to send the report to my lung Doc, so still waiting to hear what the plan of action will be. Hate waiting... not my strong point! Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow. Time for this heartburn nightmare to end!