Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We're officially on holiday!!! Driving down to PE very early tomorrow morning, spending a few days with my sister and her husband, then off to Storms River Mouth where we went on honeymoon. Back to PE for a wedding and then back to Joburg :-(

All sorted in terms of qualifying for the World Games, just need to sort out a new dosage of one of my anti rejection meds and then I can hopefully relax! Need some serious chill-time!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 sleeps, 2 working days and re-qualifyings

Yup we're getting close... 3 sleeps and 2 days at work before it's HOLIDAY time!! At least everything is on track in terms of everything I needed to get done before we go. Adding to the stress of the past few days is the fact that I need to re-qualify for the items that I want to take part in at the World Transpl Games. In my case that's the3 km race walk and squash. Well yesterday I managed to qualify for the race walk at least, did it in a pretty good time too! Tomorrow night it's the squash, and after that I can relax!!

Didn't do much else this weekend, relaxed, did some food-shopping for our holiday, visited Fawn and lunch with my parents. Oh and also packed! So exciting!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

One New Years Resolution down!

I finished a 10km fun run! Walked most of it but finished in abt 90 mins and that was the aim! The rest of the weekend was chilled, needed to rest a bit before and after the race due to crazy week of month-end a lots of gym! Did see a very good show on Friday night though called Don't dress for dinner which was a great start to the weekend.
Also had bloods done and an x-ray for my appointment that was going to be on Friday but it's been post-poned till the 4th of April so still a while... did manage to see Fawn! She is doing great and it was so nice seeing her.
Just 6 working days left till our holiday.... CAN'T WAIT!!! Below is naughty kitty hiding... who can be mad at that face???

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lots of exciting things!

Firstly, happy birthday to my dad!!!!! We will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday evening :-)

Then... MY FRIEND FAWN GOT HER LUNGS!!!!!!! I still saw her on Sat when visiting at the hosp and Monday night she got the call! She is doing fantastically well, sitting in the chair and off the vent only 2 days post transplant! Hoping the excellent recovery continues. I'll be going to the hosp on Sat for bloods (next check-up is next week Friday) and really hoping I can bend someone's arm to let me see her in ICU! That will be soooo awesome!

On Sunday I'll be attempting my first 10km run run/walk with my mom. Hope I survive and finish in under 100 mins at least!!! But only goal right now is to finish it.

AND... in less than 2 weeks time we're on our much-deserved holiday! So busy weekend ahead and lots to do before holiday but at least we're working towards an amazing break.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Wow we're in the 3rd month of 2013 already!!! Life  has been good since my last post. Last weekend was great and relaxing, we went to a birthday lunch of a friend and fed elephants (see photo's in previous post!). On the Sunday we just had lunch with parents so all in all relaxing weekend. The week was fine, played squash, went to movies with Chris, gymmed and had friends over for supper last night.

This morning I played squash with one of the nurses who looked after me in ICU post transplant (I ran into her at the gym a few weeks ago and we finally got around to playing some squash!) What a cool experience! Also did some shopping (had to buy gifts for other people and then of course I couldn't buy NOTHING for myself :-), and this afternoon Chris and I visited some friends in hospital. Tonight we're chilling at home and tomorrow morning brunch with friend from Australia!!!

Only 18 sleeps to go until our holiday in PE!!! So much still needs to happen before then though...
  • I need to re-qualify for the SA Team for WTG for squash and it's a challenge to organise!!
  • Want to do a 10km run/walk with my mom
  • On the 15th I see my Dr again for lung functions so hoping it will be up or at least the same.
Those are the main things and then there are a bunch of small things as well. At least if all goes as planned then I'll enjoy my holiday a bit more too! CAN'T WAIT!