Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lots of exciting things!

Firstly, happy birthday to my dad!!!!! We will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday evening :-)

Then... MY FRIEND FAWN GOT HER LUNGS!!!!!!! I still saw her on Sat when visiting at the hosp and Monday night she got the call! She is doing fantastically well, sitting in the chair and off the vent only 2 days post transplant! Hoping the excellent recovery continues. I'll be going to the hosp on Sat for bloods (next check-up is next week Friday) and really hoping I can bend someone's arm to let me see her in ICU! That will be soooo awesome!

On Sunday I'll be attempting my first 10km run run/walk with my mom. Hope I survive and finish in under 100 mins at least!!! But only goal right now is to finish it.

AND... in less than 2 weeks time we're on our much-deserved holiday! So busy weekend ahead and lots to do before holiday but at least we're working towards an amazing break.

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