Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy birthday Chrislie!!!

My baby sister turns 27 today!!! We're getting old!!! Hoping she has an amazing year :-) And so glad I'm still here to share her (AND MY) "getting old"!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Charitea! - a must read if you're in Jozi!

My fellow CF and post lung transplant friend Fawn has started a charity event called Charitea!!! She will be raising funds for different charities of which the first is the Organ Donor Foundation. There is only 60 seats available and they are going fast.... so if interested please check out her blog for more detail. And if you cannot make it check out her blog anyways... because it's awesome.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

8 km walk done!

I survived the 8km Discovery Walk the Talk! Yay! Had to slow down with uphill but at least didn't have to stop once. It was litterally FREEZING at the start (zero degrees C) and we were dressed like eskimo's. Legs pretty sore now as it's also a long walk from the parking to the race so we did at least 10-11km. And haven't been in the gym as much as I need to! My lung function is exactly half of what it was the last time I did this walk in 2010. It was 104% back then (thanks blog!) and is 52% now. At least I COULD still do it, and hopefully I can again next year.

Last night we celebrated my sister's 27th birthday by having supper at Grand Central in Melrose arch. One of my favourite restaurants and it didn't disappoint. So a pretty good weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty good lungaversary check-up

Tuesday's check-up on my 6 year 6 months lungaversary went well. Lungfunction was 52% FEV1 and 95% FVC (capacity). So all in all a 1% drop in 2 months... not bad. Rest was all good. Best part was that my friend Fawn was also there for check-up which made the hours and hours of waiting (hopefully Dr doesn't read this LOL) a lot better. Seems thus far that the photopheresis worked ... if lungs stay stable like they seem to be. Next check-up is 28 Aug... 3 days before I turn 30! Can't believe I'm facing my last month as a 20-something year old. Amazing and a bit surreal.

This weekend we celebrate my little sister's 27th birthday (on 29th of Jul) and I'm also doing a 8km Discover Walk the Talk.... My lungs will probably hate the uphill... but will just slow down for those. Also hoping to train for the Nationals with the coach from next week (will be doing shot-put and discus) as it's getting closer!

Have a good weekend.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Down the rabbit hole.... soon

In preperation of my 30th.....  invites have been sent!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fun Weekend

Had a good weekend. Friday eve I went to the movies with a friend for a girl's night. We watched Blended, with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler which is set in South Africa (mostly). Was quite a cute movie! On Sat morning I had my hair cut and coloured. On Sat eve we watched the rugby at a pub called Giles in Craighall with Andrew and 2 friends of his from PE who were here for his birthday.

Sunday was the big party.... Andrew's 30th! The theme was Shady Pines Retirement Village... for active seniors. We played bowels and had a lot to drink! For lunch we had amazing lamb and for dessert yummy Peppermint Crisp Pie.  Was definitely feeling a little hungover this morning! Looking forward to my birthday!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Booked off till Wednesday

I have Coronavirus according to nasal swab!!! It's pretty much a cold but because I'm a transplant patient it's serious enough to keep me out of society till Wednesday. BAD news work wise though, tomorrow is final day for some month end reports to be in, and I have one rather big one that's not done :-( Tried bargaining with my Dr but he insists I stay home till Wednesday. Oh well... will try to make the best of it.

No other news... just spent weekend in front of TV mostly. Hope this doesn't affect lung function!

Friday, July 4, 2014

sick... bleh

So after a few days of being around some pretty sick people at work, the expected happened and I got sick too. Surprise surprise... wish sick people didn't go to work, but that's a battle I'll never win. Went to work yesterday despite feeling like crap, it got worse during the day and ended up seeing my Dr last night at the hosp in casualty. Felt like my head was going to explode with pain and misery, sore body and snot everywhere (sorry!)

Looks like I have flu, so they did bloods and a nasal swab, and in the meantime I have started with Tamiflu. Also got some pain pills and nasal spray, so at least I slept very well last night! I was booked off from work today, and depending on the results of swab and bloods I might be able to go back on Monday. Really hope so as it's month end and reports need to be submitted on Monday! Luckily I still have the weekend to rest too.