Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last weekend for October

October's ending at last! Feels like it's been going on forever, although at the same time I can't believe we've reached November!!!! This morning I did some gardening (will post more garden pics soon!) and cleaning while Chris was at work. This afternoon we're having a farewell for good friends emigrating to Australia at our place.... very sad that they're leaving!

Thursday evening I went to visit a friend in hospital again, Gail, and the were 2 other CFers admitted. One post transplant and one pre. So the 4 of us ended up hanging out in the same room (with masks) chatting! I realised afterwards I've never been in a room with 3 other CF people before! Wow, was really nice.

Went for bloods yesterday morning, have my 3-monthly check-up on Wednesday. Don't know how some transplant patients only go for yearly or even 6-monthly check-ups, I'd never make it! I get anxious already if it's been 2 months since I did a lung function test! So that'll be nice to have some peace of mind again.

Not much else to report on, hope you have a good weekend too!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Meant to post earlier, but my laptop's screen broke :-( Fixed now at least!

Weekend was awesome! Will post pics later. Friday night when Antoinette arrived we just had a nice supper at home and started watching a movie, but never finished it because we were talking way too much! On Sat morning was the World's Biggest Walk, in aid of organ donation and the 3 of us plus a few friends all did it. It's only 5km, but it's in the JHB zoo, so lots to see on the way! Took some pics of the animals. In the afternoon Anto and I went to Lifestyle Garden centre, and I spent too much on plants again! Haven't planted them all yet, so it's something to look forward to on Sat morning!

Sat evening was definitely the highlight, Mama Mia on stage!!!! It was BREATHTAKING, absolutely awesome. Also had yummy burger before the show. Sunday morning we all had breakfast at Salvation Cafe, and Chris Anto and I had a quiet afternoon just chatting and braaing some meat .

All in all a great weekend. Week so far's been OK, made Chris and myself a nice dinner sy candelight on Monday night (OK it was left overs and oven-bake chips), and last night was gym. At least we're halfway now!

Friday, October 22, 2010

33 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, another month lived with the new breathers! And 3 months away from my 3 year anniversary :-)

Literally can't wait for tonight... great friend from PE coming up for the weekend, Antoinette (she updated my blog for a while after my transplant), so going to have LOTS of fun! And tomorrow morning is the Organ Donor Foundation's World's Biggest Walk. So if by any chance you're in Joburg, join us at the Zoo, registration starts @ 8am, R40 entrance fee for adults.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog look changed... again

OK the reason for the change this time is because I've been getting complaints that it's slow to load with the "fancy" background, so I've changed it to a normal generic Blogger one... although since the last time I've checked it out there's been some awesome changes. And thought the background fits nicely with the "breathing/breath" theme of the blog. Please give me some feedback!

Week was OK, didn't go to gym at all, so was nice to relax a bit more tha usual. Plans for the weekend are so far: lunch with Aviva on Sat, and in the late afternoon rugby and braai. Hopefully the weather improves a bit, been chilly the last 3 days, but LOVING the rain we had. Even had a hailstorm last night.

Sunday will be 2 years since Chris and I started going out! Time flies when you're having fun! Nevermind the fact that we've been married for more than 2 months already. Anyways, have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's raining!

Summer rains have finally started :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess who qualified???!!!???!!!

Yay!!!! If all goes well I'm going to Sweden!!!!! Qualified for the squash (quite suprised, played a crap game while the score-keepers were watching and was quite irritated with myself), and the race-walk (qualifying time was pushed up to 26min, 30 secs, and I managed to do it in 26 mins 31 secs! Last year we could do it in 27 mins 30 secs and still qualify. Luckily they put me through even though I was 1 sec too slow!) Also practically qualified for long jump - it was one of my "fun" events. Had to jump 3m, and managed to do that on my last jump out of the 6! Really enjoyed the long jump though! The weather was just REALLY hot... Saturday after the long jump when we left the track Chris's car measured the temp as 39 degrees C! Pretty sure it'll be cooler in Sweden next year, hope so!!!!! Would have definitely performed better if it was a bit cooler.
The Gala Dinner on Sat evening was great too. My Dr, Paul was the guest speaker and did a great job. Food was great and then everyone got a medal for participating, and if you qualified you got a gold medal as well. Evening ended with a nice massive thunderstorm to relieve the heat! Posted some pics above that were taken at the Gala dinner.

Today was back to work... My legs are so stiff though!!!!!!!!!!! And my right arm a bit, but more the legs. SO skipped gym tonight (deserve a night off after gymming so much lately!). Tomorrow night is Organ Donor Foundation meeting, looking forward to that! Also can't wait for the end of next week, 2 close PE friends coming up to visit then!
Anyway, have a good week!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog post nr 500!!!! AND 4 days till Nationals....

Wow, post #500!!!! When I started this blog is was more to keep myself busy, I never imagined it would reach post #500!!!! Thanks for still reading it!

The week of Nationals in Pretoria has finally arrived!!!! On Thursday I'll be working half-day and travelling to Pretoria (not far, but traffic HORRIFFIC), although hopefully I miss the worst of it. Thursday night is the AGM and welcoming, and the sporting events will start on Friday (in my case squash @ 14h00). On Sat is the athletics (3km race walk, long jump and shot put for me). Then there will be a celebration laps for all recipients and living donors. In the evening it's the gala dinner where my Dr is the guest speaker and we hear if we have qualified for SWEDEN!!!! PLEASE PRAY THAT I MAKE IT!!!! Feels like I have to go for Trevor, Louis, Lynn, Gustav and Landi who would have loved to go but aren't with us anymore...

Last week was same old same old work-wise... stress and more stress (I've got a theory by the way: STRESS breaks down your immune system, just like the drugs I take that costs a fortune... SOOOO, I see stress as an added drug I get for free... killing my immune system and making my body love the new lungies! So all in all the stress is good for me, along with the poisons I drink twice a day :-) Some major changes happening at work and a lot more to come, but I'll welcome any change right now!

Didn't do much this weekend, but did do a lot of gardening today! AND... last weekend I finally planted out the tree I got last year in March at the heart-lung party... see old post. Yay! See pics below...

Have a good week! And WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!