Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So my cold (or whatever it may be) did affect lung function, it's down by 5% to 94% :-( Also feels kind of like my cold keeps on coming back in terms of nose and throat. UUGGGHHHH so frustrating. Because of the drop in LF I have to have a few tests done... did CT scan, sputum and additional bloods (did normal bloods on Sunday and they were all normal) yesterday. Today I have to go for barium swallow to test for reflux (been having some heartburn) and tomorrow my first ever biopsy/bronch post transplant! Eeeekkkk. These days they do the biopsies a lot more often on the newly transplanted guys at 3-monthly intervals but "back in my day" it was only done when needed. Will update as soon as I have have any test results back, should definitely hear about the bloods. Praying they find what's wrong and that it can be fixed soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TV interview

Cold is almost over... yay! Made Chris sick as well... boo. Hopefully by next week we'll both be 100% again! Been a busy week as far as Drs are concerned. Saw gynae on Friday and Dentist on Monday. At least it's done now! Seeing lung Dr next week Tuesday but at least that's a lot more fun than the other two! Hopefully my cold didn't affect my lung function!

As for the title of this post... Got asked yesterday evening if I'd be willing to do an interview for a show called the Dr Mol Show. Obviously I said yes and interview was this afternoon. The show is based in Cape Town but some of the crew members were in JHB so they had to get it in today. They interviewed Dr Williams too seperately. Just wish I could get to see it before it airs! Hate not knowing how it came across and I didn't get any questions beforehand so a bit nervous about my answers! Oh well... nothing I can do now!

This past weekend was FANTASTIC. Saturday was a girls-day. Went for lunch and a massage with a friend, followed by shopping and supper at our place with our hubbies. On Sunday I went for brunch at 44 Stanley Street with a bunch of friends (Chris was feeling too sick to join) and also got to spend a few hours with my close friend Louzanne who was in JHB for the day! All in all a TOP weekend :-) And only 2 days of work to go until another one, yay!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


And we're back again! PE trip was very cool. Got to spend some time with my sis and Pierre and did a LOT of catching up with old friends! The only thing I didn't get to do was visit Dr Gebers (my old CF doc) as he wasn't working on Friday afternoon when I wanted to go and suprise him!

The reunion festivities started with Deary Day assembly (Deary Day is the school's birthday) at noon on Friday. What a surreal experience! The hall seems a bit smaller, and it's strange to be there and not know ANY of the kids in the school. The teachers who are still there look the same though and it was great to see them again. On Friday evening it was the informal social event at The Island pub/restaurant. It was a bit much to take in trying to mingle with all those people that (in most cases) you haven't seen for 10 years to be honest! And the outside area that was reserved for us was freezing cold so everyone tried to huddle up inside rather which was a bit cramped. We didn't stay too late but at least the evening meant that the formal event on Saturday night would be less intimidating.

On Sat during the day Chrislie and I went with Antoinette to her horse-riding and to the shops. Also had coffee with Ditha, a good friend of mine who I also haven't seen since our wedding and even then we didn't chat much. Sat evening turned out to be pretty great. It was a sit-down dinner which made it easier to catch-up and talk. The speeches were also quite interesting and the food very nice. I didn't take enought photo's though because it's a bit strange and rude to interrupt everyone's conversations for pics! All in all a very successfull weekend and again, like everything in my life, it's thanks to my donor that I am alive and well to have been able to attend this event!

Yesterday I went to gym after work and a little while after getting back my throat started getting sore... It was worse when I woke up this morning plus snot-nose and headache has been added to the mix. So basically a classic cold! Can't say where I got it from, was in touch with so many people this weekend AND the whole office is sick AND I flew on a plane... so could have picked it up anywhere. Won't stay home from work though unless I get a fever too.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Upcoming trip to PE

Two more sleeps then we leave for PE for my 10 year High School Reunion. Another long weekend yay!!! Will be our last mini-break until August when we go to Durban for the National Transplant Games. Went to gym for the first time since before I hurt my rib on Sunday... and I can feel it! Was supposed to go again today but had a headache after work so just came home.

This past weekend was a good one, was nice to be home and catch up on some domestic stuff. Took cats to the vet for their shots, did laundry, hung out with friends... My friend Shaun celebrated his first lungaversary and we celebrated at his place. Always great to see other recipients doing well too!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012