Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And we're back...

Arrived back from our trip yesterday late afternoon. What a great experience... Will post pics of the two destinations seperately so it makes more sense...

Mapungubwe... we stayed in SAN Parks camp (South African National Parks) that is about a kilomtre from the border (of Botswana). It's also a world heritage site because a civilisation lived there until the 1300's or so I think. There's even a little museum (that has won architectural awards) showing artifacts including a famous gold rhino that were found on top of the hill.
Saw a LOT of animals, and even had a Elephant scare. One of the afternoons my sis and our hubby's were on the way back from a drive and we were coming down a steep rocky hill. We were just turning a corner when we were greeted with a bunch of elephants crossing the road! When one of the saw us it started coming towards us with ears flapping and kicking up dust. We promptly reversed but couldn't make it all the way up the hill. The elephant started relaxing a bit but there was no way we could go forward, and we were a bit nervous to just wait it out.So we made a 8-point turn and got out of there! Quite a rush!
The camp we stayed in (Vhembe Trails Camp) was great, with it's own little hill where we could view game in private while sitting in a little pool if you so desired!

Botswana... the accomodation was completely different, we stayed in an old farmhouse, very colonial! We went for game drives twice a day too. Didn't see as much animals, but more variety and some interesing ones like crocs, wild cats and jackals. Had another almost scary incident with eleplants... came accross a few of them drinking but there was a TINY calf among them and the mom started freaking out a bit and trumpeted at us. Baby elly was so cute though, did get a picture! Also saw (from afar luckily) a massive herd of them RUNNING towards the river. Was an unforgettable sight. They ran for kilometres while making a huge noise. It was fantastic.

Back at work, was a proper long day today!!! At least next weekend is the school reunion, which should be pretty good.

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