Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last weekend of November...

I CAN NOT believe that tomorrow will be the first of December... it's UNREAL. Had another busy weekend, which unfortunately did not involve any swimming... but that's fine... I've waited a long time for this, so I'm patient.

Chris and I played squash twice (I'm sore in places I didn't know existed), watched dvd, started doing some Xmas shopping... and had lunch with some family in Pretoria today which was very cool. I was telling C today that we're so busy that weekends just fly past, and before you know it it's over, and Monday is staring you in the face again... ugh. BUT at least that means Christmas and going home is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR THAT... just 24 sleeps!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So.... where do I start? Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and I WISH we had it here too... could do with a day off!! But obviously loving being normal, so won't complain (too much). At least it's almost weekend again!!!
The pics are of cell last night. Just young people from church chilling and discussing cool stuff. Always very cool. Monday and Tuesday eve was quiet, just went to gym both nights and did some domestic stuff...
Not sure what's happening this weekend, but it will def involve some squash and maybe a bit of xmas shopping... and hopefully SWIMMING in a pool... haven't done that in YEARS. The closest I came was sitting with my feet in the water 2 years ago. Got myself a new bikini a while back, so very excited!!!!
Having supper at Jenny's place tonight, Peter will also be there. And then Jenny and I are off to see our movie! Not sure what the movie's called, but will let you know!
P.S The fruitcake is a gift from my gran... she knows how much I LOVE it, and send me my OWN one for xmas!!!!!!!!!!! (not that I need it.... weight-wise)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank Goodness Monday's Over. Got a 9.5 hour sleep in last night at least... Dont know when last I slept that long!!! On my way to bed again now, but thought I'd do a proper blog first...

Work's been crazy busy kind of. The weekend was great but tiring. Lots of fun but didn't sleep much. Also trying to squash enough gym and squash in (that sounds lame, I know). Which is hard! But I never stop being thankful that I CAN be so busy and work and gym and have a hectic social life and feel SO HEALTHY that I notice slight headaches or like sore toes etc. When you can't breathe your body doesn't notice that type of thing...

The rest of my week is hectic as usual. Gymmed after work today, gymming after work tomorrow, Church cell on Wednesday, chick flick night with Jenny on Thursday night, and not sure what's happening on Friday night, but it'll def be something.

Hope you have a good week, and I wish friends like Bree, Louis, Maryke etc etc etc would flippen GET LUNGS now.... Makes me sad to see them suffer.... want them to be as blessed as I have been.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 months ago yesterday

So yesterday was my 10 month anniversary! Went to see the new James Bond movie, which was pretty cool, got a new camera (send the other one down to PE for my sis to use last weekend. Time I got my own one! It's very cool and you can change settings to decrease the resolution and make them easier to upload, which is very cool for blog purposes. The best part was seeing Carli again however!

Will do proper update later, too tired now. Didn't sleep much last night (3 hours or so), and played squash today.

The pic of me and Carli was taken at the airport today, and the flowers are from Jenny to say thanks for looking after Aerin.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Thought it's about time I updated again! Been busy busy busy. Lungfunctions were fine, I think they were 96/98% FEV1 (I ran in and out of there so quickely to have then done, I forgot to ask the exact number!) FeNO was same as last, 15, which is also good. What was kind of sucky is that I've got an additional pill to drink... for BLOOD PRESSURE... my BP was 160/100 or something ridiculous. It's purely a PROGRAF (anti-rejection med) side-effect, as I used to have low BP... gggrrrrrr...

Went to Chris's year-end function last night, which was fun! We went go-charting, and my team came second, yay!!! We were late cos of me working till 5pm (it started at 5), so I only did one set of laps (or whatever you would call it). But it was loads of fun nevertheless. Food was great, had some calamari etc for starter, steak for main meal (my 3rd steak in a week!!!), and yummy creme brulee (spelling?) for dessert. However stupid me forgot her enzymes at home, and only took them much later when I got home, so I may be faced with some tummy ache today :-( Let's hope not!!!!

Very excited about this weekend... Carli (one of the friends I went to visit in CT 2 weeks ago) is coming up with her parents for the weekend!!! She'll be spending Sat night with me, and we're going to be babysitting Paul and Jenny's 4 year old daughter (and 4 dogs!)!!! Can't wait. Now I just need to get through today!!! ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

300 days with new lungs and 1 month with Chris!!!!!

So today's a pretty big day!!!!! 300 days ago this time I was on a plane on my way to JHB for my transplant... And I can safely say it's been the best consecutive 300 days I've EVER had. Thanks to my donor family, the awesome Drs at Milpark, my friends and fam, and most importantly, GOD... a year ago I was at my lowest. It's around the time of Suzanne's wedding, when I felt like I had no energy, no breath, no pinkness (was very blue), no nothing, except hope. And I wasn't disappointed!!!!

The weekend was great, as always. Played 30 seconds with Daniel and Alice, played squash (and won a game!!!!!), went to church, watched Casino Royale in preperation for the new Bond movie, Stood in a que for 100 mins to apply for my new ID (this was not a fun part of the w-end though, but Chris was such a sweety to go through all of it with me. And if you're from SA you'll know Home Affairs is no joke... esp on a warm day in a TINY room with lots of people...), did some shopping and got myself an awesome fan for summer, had lunch and coffee and cake with Jenny and Paul and their fam yesterday... etc etc etc

Going for lungfunctions etc again this week (this is a monthly thing now-used to be 2-weekly), will keep you posted! Internet and telephone STILL not working at home after like 3/4 weeks!!!! I'm ready to lose it with Telkom and their pathetic service... Hope you have a good week!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday morning...

I must have been very distracted (wonder why? ;-) then posting the Cape Town pics using Chris's 3G, because I see I posted the same pic twice, and left out some of the best ones!!! So I'll definitely upload some more later...

The week's been pretty cool thusfar... Monday night I just did all kinds of domestic stuff... vacuumed, ironed, cooked, bought food etc. Tuesday night Chris and I played 4 games of squash (and yes, I lost them all...bleh), and then gymmed a bit. Was awesome. Last night we had supper at friends of his, Daniel and Alice (no kidding... it can get pretty confusing!!!!). She's a chef so the food was YUMMY...

Tonight I'm going to do the domestic thing again and cook supper etc... and go to bed early! Looking forward to this weekend. Except for the part where I've got to go to Home Affairs and apply for a new ID document... Mine's been MIA for a while (read YEARS) now, so it's time to do the right thing and face the pathetic government dept that is Home Afairs head on... *sigh* Wish me luck!!!!!

Oh, and for all the SA readers... I'm in the new Rooi Rose (dec issue)... just a paragraph in an article about organ donation... nothing huge.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


Back in Jozi after the most awesome weekend EVER!!!! Will post pics sometime this week, but it was just the best weekend ever... It got off to a frustrating start though, as my plane was delayed due to 'technical difficulties'... exactly what you want to hear before you depart... So I only arrived in CT at 10:40pm, but Louz, Carli and I stayed up and chatted 'till way after midnight.

On Sat we went to a food market (lots of organic stuff etc) at the Old Biscuit Mill, then to Simons Town for sight-seeing/coffee, the off to the V&A waterfront for shopping and calamari and chips. We still wanted to go for a cocktail, but were so tired by that time we just went home and chilled and laughed our heads off etc.

Yesterday morning we went for breakfast in Camps Bay with 2 of my varsity friends who are working as architects in CT now, Leandre and Riaan. Had the most delicious honey-nuts-yoghurt-berry thing... afterwards we went for a stroll on the beach (weather was PERFECT the entire time), and had THE BEST ICE-CREAM IN THE WORLD from a place caled Sinfull... the name says it all, trust me...

After that we went to visit another friend, Helene, who stays in Seapoint... and found out that Carli had forgotten her phone in Camps Bay... so then we had an Amazing Race type rush to get the phone back and get me to the airport in time for my flight!!! Very exciting. Well we succeeded and got the phone and made it to the airport in time.

Luckily the plane wasn't delayed again, and even though we had bad turbulance and thunderstorms, we got back to JHB in time. Chris was waiting for me at the airport, we had supper at Spur, and the home....

Pretty tired to day, as you can imagine... and have loads of washing to do and cooking supper tonight, so my day is going to be prety domesticated today. Just what I need to bing me back down to earth after a stunning weekend! Hope yours was fine too...

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm leaving, on a jet plane.... well I wish it was a jet!

My Cape Town Weekend as FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!!!! Originally it would've been a week, but then I started working and so it had to be reduced to a weekend... which just means that there will be no time for sleep. Just kidding, I've been very busy lately so hopefully there will be lots of laziness and sleep involved too. I'll be arriving there at 21:20 tonight, and that is if all goes according to plan... so it's going to be a LOOOONNNGGG day.

What else has been going on? Mamma Mia was stunning again. Love that movie, and have the soundtrack in my car. So Tuesday evening was great. Wednesday eve I had cell, and was only planning on staying for a short while, as I was in pain from gym, and tired. Well we had such a cool evening, I ended up staying till the end. Last night I met up with Chris at the gym for squashand a bit of gym, (after first taking a wrong turn in peak hour traffic and being upset while trying to navigate my way back on the map while on the highway.... bad experience) and my dad made supper for us afterwards.

I'm not sure what Louzanne and Carli are planning for the weekend, but it WILL be AWESOME. With true friends like them there's just no other way. Don't think we've EVER had a real fight over anything, in the18 odd years that we've been friends, and they've supported me through thick and thin. There's just NO substitute for friends like that. I think the last time we were all together was a year ago at a wedding. (have posted pics of that wedding before, I look like death warmed up) Crap, I'm getting all emotional now and have to start working soon!

I'll be taking lots of pics (of course), and will update early next week!!!! Arriving back in the Big Smoke on Sunday evening. Chris will be fetching me at the airport, after which we'll be grabbing some supper. Hope your weekend will be as good as mine!

P.S., I've got lots of awesome friends like that.. Antoinette, Andrew, Daniel etc etc etc, but have prob known Louz and Carli for the longest and coincedentally they both stay in CT...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cool traffic pics and pic of my speeding fine :-(

Just a speedy post (excuse the pun)... Using Chris's 3G internet, so I can load some pics! Took them on Friday in the traffic... thought they came out pretty well... Included is my speeding ticket. The pics and the ticket are unrelated of course ;-)

Going out to see Mamma Mia again tonight with Chris and Jenny, can't wait!!!!!! Will blog again a bit later!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My weekend!

My weekend's been great!!!! Where to start? Feels like a bit of a blur... the 'halloween' braai (BBQ) was very cool. I did the army-wife thing, but forgot camera at home. Took some pics on phone but don't think they came out too well... Great people and great wine... (although the great wine has nothing to do with the fact that the weekend was a bit of a blur ;-) Played squash and cycled at gym a bit on Sat and Sunday with Chris, watched Fools Gold, which was better than I expected, on DVD/PC. Watched some series... am addicted to this brittish series called Coupling... flippen funny. Went to church last night... It was very warm too, and I'm definitely going to be buying a fan for my room SOON!!!

Left home just before 6am this morning to go to the hosp for bloods. Was hoping to see the nurse who looked after me at night after my tx, Pride, but she wasn't on duty this weekend :-( Haven't seen her at all since I got discharged after the op. Hopefully sometime in the future...

What else? Don't have internet at home at the moment... one of the thunderstorms we've had killed our phone-line, and Telkom is being their usual 'efficient' self and not fixing it. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND, flying to Cape Town to go visit Louzanne and Carli, two of my bestest friends in the whole world. They've both been up here to see the upgraded (pink and unplugged) version of Alice, so I HAVE to go visit them!!! Haven't been to Cape town in almost 3 years either, so I'm REALLY excited!!!! Will take loads of pics, if my camera behaves (need a new one me thinks)!!!

So that's all for now... everything is super, and praying hard for friends waiting for lungs... Have an awesome week!