Monday, November 17, 2008

300 days with new lungs and 1 month with Chris!!!!!

So today's a pretty big day!!!!! 300 days ago this time I was on a plane on my way to JHB for my transplant... And I can safely say it's been the best consecutive 300 days I've EVER had. Thanks to my donor family, the awesome Drs at Milpark, my friends and fam, and most importantly, GOD... a year ago I was at my lowest. It's around the time of Suzanne's wedding, when I felt like I had no energy, no breath, no pinkness (was very blue), no nothing, except hope. And I wasn't disappointed!!!!

The weekend was great, as always. Played 30 seconds with Daniel and Alice, played squash (and won a game!!!!!), went to church, watched Casino Royale in preperation for the new Bond movie, Stood in a que for 100 mins to apply for my new ID (this was not a fun part of the w-end though, but Chris was such a sweety to go through all of it with me. And if you're from SA you'll know Home Affairs is no joke... esp on a warm day in a TINY room with lots of people...), did some shopping and got myself an awesome fan for summer, had lunch and coffee and cake with Jenny and Paul and their fam yesterday... etc etc etc

Going for lungfunctions etc again this week (this is a monthly thing now-used to be 2-weekly), will keep you posted! Internet and telephone STILL not working at home after like 3/4 weeks!!!! I'm ready to lose it with Telkom and their pathetic service... Hope you have a good week!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats Alice!!!
As always an inspiration. Keep going and soon you will be running for President - of something!

Bree said...

300 days??

*coughs 300 times in congradulations*

Do not worry, that in no way is exceeding my daily cough limit.


May you have 3 000 000 000 more days of breathing