Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 months ago yesterday

So yesterday was my 10 month anniversary! Went to see the new James Bond movie, which was pretty cool, got a new camera (send the other one down to PE for my sis to use last weekend. Time I got my own one! It's very cool and you can change settings to decrease the resolution and make them easier to upload, which is very cool for blog purposes. The best part was seeing Carli again however!

Will do proper update later, too tired now. Didn't sleep much last night (3 hours or so), and played squash today.

The pic of me and Carli was taken at the airport today, and the flowers are from Jenny to say thanks for looking after Aerin.


Kelly said...

Alice, that is one tired little face you have. Hardly surprising though and you really sound like you are loving life. It's great to read about :-)

Bree said...


You look fantastic!


Tinypoppet said...

Happy Transplantaversary :)

I can't believe it's only been 0 months! As Bree says you look fantastic :)

Keep going! xx