Thursday, November 27, 2008


So.... where do I start? Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and I WISH we had it here too... could do with a day off!! But obviously loving being normal, so won't complain (too much). At least it's almost weekend again!!!
The pics are of cell last night. Just young people from church chilling and discussing cool stuff. Always very cool. Monday and Tuesday eve was quiet, just went to gym both nights and did some domestic stuff...
Not sure what's happening this weekend, but it will def involve some squash and maybe a bit of xmas shopping... and hopefully SWIMMING in a pool... haven't done that in YEARS. The closest I came was sitting with my feet in the water 2 years ago. Got myself a new bikini a while back, so very excited!!!!
Having supper at Jenny's place tonight, Peter will also be there. And then Jenny and I are off to see our movie! Not sure what the movie's called, but will let you know!
P.S The fruitcake is a gift from my gran... she knows how much I LOVE it, and send me my OWN one for xmas!!!!!!!!!!! (not that I need it.... weight-wise)

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