Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back in the routine

I survived the first 3 days back at work!!!! The first day was rough, was at work for 12 hours working non-stop. From there on it was better at least!

Yesterday after work I went for my Vitality Health assessment (you need to do this to earn reward points for an optional Medical Aid reward system... for the non South Africans or non Discovery members!) They didn't ask about my medical history, and I didn't bother to tell them. All results were normal (blood glucose was a tad high, but not bad considering I had hot chocolate just before leaving work! They just told me that next time I shouldn't eat for 2 hours before test). Afterwards the nurse even complimented my results :-p

Last night we had supper at my parents' place, was sooo nice to see them again! This morning Chris and I went to the annual Organ Donor Foundation 5km Zoo Walk and met up with Fawn and some of her friends. Fun morning! (lung-wise walk also went well)

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of gardening (my and my sister's garden!), and hopefully a gym session? Will see how much time I have! Hopefully will sleep late too for a change because today I woke up just after 4am and didn't sleep again :-(

#GetMeTo21 campaign

So a 19 year old girl waiting for lungs from Cape Town has started a very cool campaign called "Get Me To 21". She suffers from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension  (PAH) and is trying to get people to sign up as organ donors by inviting everyone who signs up as on organ donor to her 21st birthday party. It has been massively successful so far so hats of to her for taking the initiative!!!

Her and Fawn did a radio interview this week that you can download here... very good interview!!!!!! So listen to it if you have the time.

You can also check out her website, and this article was also recently published (as well as many other media stuffs).

I'm sure all my readers are already organ donors, but please spread the word about this very very important cause that is obviously so close to my heart.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Well as long as your lungs don't SOUND like there are birds in them...... :-p

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cape Town Family

We are back safely in Joburg!!!! The drive back went very well, just TIRED today. Had my hair done this morning, and then had lung check-up. Check-up was pretty standard... lung function has dropped by 1%, now 47% FEV1% and FVC of 90% I think. Were given same "instructions" as usual, keep my weight up (where it is now), keep my blood glucose in check, basically need to make sure nothing else is wrong with me. Oh and tomorrow is 6 years 9 months with them breathers.

So the last bit of the visit to Cape Town was great, saw my Cape Town besties Louzanne and Carli! On Sunday we celebrated my mom in law's 60th birthday with AMAZINNNNGGGG food, sun, and great company. Some pics below of all of the above!

Tomorrow is back to work :-( The first day back is always the hardest... ugh. Not feeling rested enough yet!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nathalie, Melissa and Blue Peter!

Met one of my CF friends in person for the first time today, Nathalie!!! Also got to catch up with Melissa!, They are both on the waiting list for lungs. We met up in a stunning location in Bloubergstrand, Blue Peter. The weather is fantastic again after 2 days of rather miserable wind and rain so yay! I'm not used to wind anymore (after living in Joburg for almost 7 years now!) and it really makes me rather depro (except if the wind is in Joburg... then I enjoy it... haha).

Had a great time, some cocktails and fish & chips. I was also suprised with gifts from Nathalie and her mom!! Sooo sweet. I've been very spoilt lately by CFers and their moms!!!! Hoping that next time I see Nathalie it will be in Milpark for her lungs!!! And hopefully soon!!!

Will be catching up with some oldest and bestest friends (not old age-wise!!!!) on Sat eve, and on Sunday we celebrate Chris's mom's 60th birthday!!

P.S. the kitty is Shadow... he is my holiday-kitty and lets me hug him when I miss my 3 kitties too much.

P.P.S. Today 6 years ago Chris became my boyfriend!

End of visit with Anna and Casey

So Wednesday unfortunately Anna and Casey continued their exploration of South Africa by taking off for the Garden Route. We had such a special time with them. They are really the American version of Chris and I! We have so much in common it's scary!!!! It was so special being able to stay with them in Glencairn and experience everything through their eyes.

Anna and her mom also spoiled me with gifts and almost make me feel like being part of their family! Going to California to visit them is DEFINITELY on my bucket list now!

Below some more holiday and gift pics!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Zoo Walk for CF

It's almost time for the Zoo Walk!!!! It's a really fun event! If you can't be there, please make a donation!!!! I will definitely be there!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cape Point - where Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet

So today we went to Cape Point.... which I've never done before! Definitely another must-see in Cape Town, can't believe it's taken me this long to do!!! Involved a fair amount of hiking but all worth it!! BREATHTAKING views and the freshest air and just all-round amazing.