Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back in the routine

I survived the first 3 days back at work!!!! The first day was rough, was at work for 12 hours working non-stop. From there on it was better at least!

Yesterday after work I went for my Vitality Health assessment (you need to do this to earn reward points for an optional Medical Aid reward system... for the non South Africans or non Discovery members!) They didn't ask about my medical history, and I didn't bother to tell them. All results were normal (blood glucose was a tad high, but not bad considering I had hot chocolate just before leaving work! They just told me that next time I shouldn't eat for 2 hours before test). Afterwards the nurse even complimented my results :-p

Last night we had supper at my parents' place, was sooo nice to see them again! This morning Chris and I went to the annual Organ Donor Foundation 5km Zoo Walk and met up with Fawn and some of her friends. Fun morning! (lung-wise walk also went well)

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of gardening (my and my sister's garden!), and hopefully a gym session? Will see how much time I have! Hopefully will sleep late too for a change because today I woke up just after 4am and didn't sleep again :-(


Irene said...

Ons weeg amper dieselfde en ek is 1.62m lank :p


Alice said...

Hehe ek effe vetter as jy :-) Maar verkies enige dag om bietjie te veel te weeg as bietjie te min!