Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flowers all around

Remember I got a tree in commemoration of my donor in the beginning of 2009? Well last weekend, on my 3rd anniversary it had it's first flower!
The orchid above was a present from a good friend, also for my lungaversary!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mandela, kittens and yay it's weekend!!!!!

Quite an eventful week! Nelson Mandela has been sick and it's been dominating the news. Luckily he's at home now recovering! He was in Milpark Hospital, which is my hosp. Good to know I go the best hosp in the country! Unfortunately I also had to go for bloods this morning, because I have my 3-year check up on Monday. The street outside the hospital was CRAZY. There's also a school next to the hosp, so when I went there at 7am, it was just cars and kids and TV crews EVERYWHERE. What a madhouse! When I got to the entrance, my car had to be searched for camera's or whatever to make sure I'm not a journalist. Felt pretty good being allowed in with all the TV people stuck outside staring! There was a press conference at 12h30 today, where they said he's OK and being discharged etc, and they thanked the staff and Drs that looked after him, even my Dr :-) Was a proud moment! OH, and just got inside info from fellow CFer in hosp: my physio ALSO treated him! (although I know she has done previously) I really do get the best medical care! In other news: we've been having so much fun with the kittens!!!!! THEY'RE TOOOO CUTE!!!! And so sweet! They follow us everywhere we go. They're pretty good too, potty trained, haven't had an accident in the house yet! They're also fine with going to bed in their own room at night and sleep right through, so we haven't missed any sleep! Just love them to bits.

My mom's up here again this weekend, so we'll be having supper there tomorrow night, and on Sunday we're going to some or other country market for brunch! So looking forward to another good weekend! Oh and also want to try and visit some friends in hosp.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So we got 2 kittens today!!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! They're so cute, a boy and girl. Perfect for this occasion

IT'S 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it to 3 years!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how scientific this is, and don't want to jinx it, but I've heard... that post tx, most people either pass away before 3 years, or survive quite a long time... this is not medically based, but rather seems to be word of mouth on facebook transplant groups etc. If it's true or not: I'm very happy to have reached this milestone and in the manner I have!

Didn't have any hospitalisations (2 gynae procedures don't count, I didn't stay over in hosp, was just a few hours) since my 2 year lungaversary, no rejection or infection, 1 head-cold which was sorted pretty quickly at the end of last year.

Last night we went out with 10 friends (so me and Chris included we were 12). Had a great time! Didn't get home toooo late (just after midnight), but didn't get much sleep! Today is transplant network metting @ 11am, and in the afternoon something very exciting is happening.... watch this space!

Below: the difference 3 years make. 22 Jan 2008 VS 21 Jan 2011.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Party Preperations!

So I'm busy planning all the festivities for next weekend!!! It's the big 3 YEARS (as if you didn't know that already!)!!! So far it's going to go something like this: Friday night dinner and dancing, Sat morning transplant network meeting, Sat evening we might go to see a comedy show, Sunday afternoon lunch at our place with friends. Also going to bake a cake (going to try something similar to lungs cake below!!! ) Should probably not go for ANY bloods the Monday after, LOL!

This past week's been good. work wasn't too hectic yet, went to gym twice and fitness has already improved from after my exercise-break over Christmas. So feeling better about myself physically.

Also, my parents have moved into their new house this week! So on Thursday night we went over with some pizza and beer to check it out! The cats were also flown up last night, so for the first time since 1 Sept they've got a real house again! It's a really cool place!!! With the move my piano also came to our house and have enjoyed playing again a bit!!!

Today's been good too, went for bfast at the parents place, then did some grocery shopping, and spend the afternoon chilling with a few friends. Just me and Chris tonight, having steak and salad for supper, YUMMY!!!!!! Hope your weekend's going well too so far!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 wishlist and resolutions

OK so this is actually the first time since 2008 that I'm posting New Years resolutions on the blog. (I did have them in 2009 and 2010, but for some reason I didnt post them.) I've also decided to do a WISHLIST... things you can't really work at so much, more a matter of prayer!


  1. Be fitter than I was in the previous 3 years post transplant. Not that I was unfit, but I feel I have more in me. Obviously the fact that I work rather long hours suck, but that's where the self-discipline comes in. I want to swim more at the gym, and also do something I've always be too scared to do... attend a class at gym. Whether it's spinning or aerobics... try something in group format, because my lungs ARE AS GOOD AS EVERYONE ELSE'S, so I need to get out of the pre transplant mentality in that sense. I still think I won't keep up, although I just might.
  2. Go to the World Transplant Games in Sweden and bring back a medal again, it doesn't even have to be a gold one.
  3. Continue to be vigilant about my health.
  4. Make a change regarding work. Whether it's my job spec or my attitude/outlook, I want some sort of change.
  5. Be a good wife to Chris! This is going to be the first year of living together, which is REALLY AWESOME! Definitely as great as I thought it was going to be.


  1. That this is a more successful year for lung transplant in SA than 2010 was in terms of numbers. I think they only did 4 lung transplants the entire year. I want Helen, Lucille, Salome, Gloria, Dominique and a few others to get lungs and have the same experience I've had.
  2. For my own health to stay as great as it's been thus far and even better in terms of my diabetes and gynae problems from previously. Or just not worse, LOL!
  3. For lots of fun and traveling!
  4. Get a pet or 2 (at the moment thinking 2 kittens in the second half of the year).
  5. That Chris and I can go to Sweden together and also visit Annelie in England afterwards.

That's all I can think of right now! It's been a very quiet Saturday (seems to be a trend...mmm...), but have started to plan some party plans for the weekend of the 22nd!!! So far it's dancing the Friday night (21st) and entertaining @ home on the 22nd! Three years is a big deal!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's here!!! Now I just have to stop saying "next year" when I mean THIS year!

Anto's visit has been fun, although we didn't do all that much! Watched a lot a Friends eposides (Chris and I are re-watching all 10 seasons), it rained A LOT... New Years wasn't the greatest ever, it rained out, but had a very nice supper with friends last night. So 2 very late nights/early mornings in a row!!!

Did a bit of shopping this morning, and had lunch out before we took A back to the airport :-( Christmas tree also taken down and 2 big loads of washing done. Hoping this week will still be relatively quiet as work though!

Oh, and today a year ago Chris asked me to marry him :-)