Saturday, July 31, 2010


And I can't sleep... Went to bed early and now I've been awake since 00h30, ie for the last 2 hours. Excitement and things that still need to be done keeping me awake now. At least I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning.

This past week wasn't particularly awesome, stressed out about work, and Chris has had a throat infection for the last 2 days so been avoiding him. At least after this weekend it's only 1.5 working days left. CAN'T WAIT TO GET ONTO THAT PLANE ON TUESDAY. Tried my wedding dress on again last night, and it fits perfectly... can't wait to wear it!!!

Tomorrow morning (actually just later THIS morning), I'm going shopping (people @ work gave me voucher and we all had pizza for lunch yesterday, very nice!), and then Chris and I are having some people over for lunch at our place. So pretty much the perfect day then :-) Also moving some more stuff over from the flat to our place. Amazing how much stuff I've got packed into my little room!

Oh well, going to surf the net for a while, then try ti fall asleep again. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

11 DAYS!!!!

Yup, only 11 days to go... wow... Had an absolutely awesome weekend. Friday I drove through to Pretoria for a SATSA (South Africa Transplant Sports Assocc) meeting, and slept over at my grandad's house. Was nice spending some time there. On Sat I picked up my dress, and took ring in to be cleaned and polished. After that had lunch with Jenny and Aviva, which was YUMMY, and such a cute place I'll def be taking my sister/mom/friends there! Afterwards I was COMPLETELY SUPRISED with a spa pampering right next door! Had VERY NICE facial and pedicure (first pedicure ever!). So have very pretty toes now, just a pitty I'm wearing winter shoes!

On Sunday was the 8km Walk the Talk, which was fun. I could the feel my right foot that I hurt earlier this year get tired/sore quicker, but was fine once the walk was done. Felt like we walked almost 2km both ways just to get from the parking to starting line, so def did more that 11 km or so!!!! I remember when the 6 min walk test I had to do for my work-up and follow up was too much for me, and I couldn't even complete the 6 minutes of slow walking without oxygen, bailing out to my O2 and wheelchair. Stupid bad CF lungs. Thank goodness I'm rid of you!

Work-wise it's extremely tough right now. Working from 7 to 5, only getting up to eat and go to bathroom, and still feels like I'm behind. Just have SO MUCH to do and trying to get certain stuff done before I go on leave... because in a week's time I'll be in PE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The big 30!

That is 30 months with the lungs tomorrow! Two and a half years. AWESOME. Also got good news when I went for lung functions today... 104% FEV1%!!!!! Best early wedding-gift ever :-D Going out for supper with my dad and Chris to celebrate tomorrow evening! OK off to bed with me now, not getting enough beauty sleep... Have a good Alice-2.5 year-lungaversary tomorrow. In fact, this is pretty much the exact time I got the call on the 21st n Jan 2008. *goosebumps*

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bye Bye Landi :-(

So Landi passed away yesterday morning... How fast life can change. I can't begin to imagine what her husband, sister, mom, dad and the rest of the family must be feeling. All those years with her old lungs they were holding their breath with each bad lung infection, and now, when they least expect it, she was taken away... with perfect lungs. We'll never know all the answers but wish we knew some of them... Maybe we will someday? Let's hope...

5 Friends, 7 months. Lynn, Trevor, Gustav, Louis..... look after Landi. She gave me my garter for the wedding and now she won't be there... not in person anyway....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In 3 weeks time my leave starts and I arrive in PE, yay! Don't know if I'm more excited about the wedding or getting away from work! Few things that still need to be done, but not really stressing too much about the wedding at all. Don't think I'm going to be one of those nervous brides the night before! Although I might need to drag a sleeping pill out of my Dr... seeing asw excitement keeps me AWAKE.

No new news regarding Landi... She had some seizures on Sat and Sun still, so they sedated her more, but now they've lessen the sedation again and trying different seizure meds. PLEASE God give her a miracle and heal her completely.

Off to sleep now, just wanted to update. Dead tired... And it's freezing cold so my warm bed with the electric blankie looking damn good right now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE now is the time to pray...

Yesterday looked REALLY bad for Jolandi. I honestly didn't think she was going to make it. I went to a comedy show last night that we've booked a while back, and every now and then it felt like my laughing turned into crying. The whole of last night I kept on waking up and expecting a message on my phone confirming my worst fears. But I woke up this morning with no news... which is good news.

Just come back from the hosp a while back... and she showed some positive signs today. But so scared she's giving us false hope. She can't DO THAT TO US. This better be real. Please pray for drastic improvement and no brain damage. Please please please.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Landi is in a coma. My friend we went to visit in Durban last weekend. When she was fine. Or seemed fine. On Monday she was still running around on the beach. Monday afternoon she had her port (still there from pre transplant) flushed, and immediately she became violently ill. So badly that the air-ambulance flew her up to Joburg yesterday, and she slipped into a coma just before they got to the hospital due to swelling of her brain. She's been having headaches for the last while, but I don't think they know what's wrong yet. She can't die, she just can't. Right now she's stable. PLEASE PLEASE PRAY that she makes a full recovery... her lungs are fine... Even if it's the only thing you pray for today. She's my closest transplant buddy here in SA, and the only other young woman/female close to my age.

It's also exactly 1 month to go til the wedding. Exciting stuff. And I want Landi to be alive for it! Even if she can't make it, I just don't want her to be gone... :-(