Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's autumn! Leaves are starting to change, there's a definite chill in the air... soon it'll be just plain cold :-( Although it will be a nice change, feels like it's been summer forever, probably also because when we went overseas last winter it was summer there...

Speaking of which, been very nostalgic about our Sweden/England holiday last year... wish we could have that holiday all over again! And next year the Games are obviously here in SA, so I would guess our next trip abroad will be for the 2015 games... which feels IMPOSSIBLY far away! Oh well, time flies when you're having fun at least!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dullstroom weekend away

Had a great weekend break-away to a farm outside a small town called Dullstroom. Didn't do much... slept a lot, made great food, drove into town on Sat fo lunch, went for a walk etc. All in all nice and relaxing! Some pics below...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Check Up

First Drs check-ups for the year done, next one in May! Saw dermatologist and tx docs this week... Dermatologist burnt a few warts-thingy's off again (side effect of my pills, so what's new!).

Transplant/Lung check-up went great, lung function the same at 99% FEV1 (Forced Vital Capacity like 109%!), x-rays great, ALL bloods normal, even the sugar-related ones! So all's good :-) Praise the Lord!

Next is gynae on 18 May.... more that 2 months break at least. Have a great weekend!