Friday, February 26, 2010

Post #444: New lungs for Francois!!!!

Yay Francois, a 20 year old CF guy got lungs yesterday!!!!!!!!!! He came out of theatre at 2am this morning, going fine so far. First double lungs for this year. Please keep him in your prayers!!!!! They've had 3 donors in the last 3 days... truly amazing! So my hosp did 2 heart transplants on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the lungs yesterday. I know the other organs were transplanted at another hospital. So excellent week :-D Hopefully this continues and we have a really good year!!!! Organ donation has really taken a back seat to a million other causes in SA, and it's time people woke up about it.

My week's been good, not TOO busy at work, went to gym 3 times, saw Chris last night and got paid :-) And sure the weekend will be great too. Have a good one!

Monday, February 22, 2010

25 months today :-)

Yup another month has gone by! Yay to good working lungs! Please spare a prayer for my transplant twin Trevor, he's haveing some acute heart rejection :-( In hospital in PE, my hometown, as he was on a camp just outside PE when he got sick. He'll be moved to Cape Town as soon as he's strong enough. Praying he recovers fully in record time.

The weekend was great, I FOUND A WEDDING DRESS! Going back in 2 weeks time when my mom is here to have my measurements taken... they make the dress according to your size. Very exciting! Also got shoes :-) Can't wait to go back to the shop with my mom!

Lunch for my grandad's 83rd b-day was great, and got to see some friends in Pretoria afterwards. Saturday was also great, after the wedding dress shopping with Suzanne we watched rugby with the boys and just had a good time.

Anyway, hope your weekend was good and that this weeks' a good one!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yay it's Friday!

Ugh, what a week! AGAIN! After the excitement about the home loan settled in, we realised that they want us BOTH to get life-insurance... As you can imagine getting life insurance for me is nearly impossible. I applied last year and was turned down flat. So I haven't been feeling too positive. Haven't heard anything bank about my life insurance (Chris's is all good), but feeling quite a bit better as the bank has said that we won't "lose" the home-loan if I can't get life insurance, because Chris will have. Hopefully this is all going to work out then... it's been 4 weeks of nail-chewing, no sleeping for me. Can't wait for the day we can walk into that little townhouse and feel like it's OURS... well the bank's technically, but you know what I mean.

Going wedding dress shopping this weekend!! Not sure what to expect... hope it goes well. Also doing a talk tomorrow morning at our monthly Tx Network Meeting about the World Transplant Games. And having lunch in Pretoria on Sunday to celebrate my grandad's birthday! Nice & busy weekend :-) Have a good one too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


WE GOT APPROVED FOR A 100% HOME LOAN!!!!!!!!! Finally we got some good news today!!!!!!!!!! (suprisingly on a Saturday!!) So now it's just all the legal stuff and then we're officially home-owners :-D Thank GOD!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Please pray for Eva
She had her transplant 3 months prior to me, in Toronto, Canada. There was a movie-documentry called 65 Red Roses made about her, she gave thousands of CF people hope... and now she's reached her end... if she doesn't get another transplant like TODAY. Breaks my heart,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, almost middle of Feb!

Can you believe it?? Only good thing about that is that it's almost pay-day again :-) And closer to our wedding day: 7 August!!!

So what's been happning since the last time I blogged? Well Avatar was pretty cool, looking forward to seeing more 3D movies in the future! Esp animated ones! Ooohhh, and the new Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp is also going to be 3D!!!! What could be more awesome, a movie about me starring Johnny :-D Lol, just wish I was the actress starring opposite him!

As you can see frm the previous post I met up with my donor's sister and Trevor again, which was great as always. Chris and I also went window-shopping for fridges/washing machines/microwaves... compared prices etc. Went to church... not too much else. Great weekend.

This week's been rather nail-biting. I haven't mentioned it before, but we put an offer to purchase in on a townhouse that has stolen our hearts... the offer was accepted just over 2 weeks ago. Because we're first time buyers we really thought getting a 100% bond wouldn't be too hard, but alas... no bank is prepared to give us more that 90%(reccession? not sure), BUT a home loan co offered us 95%... which we might be able to pull off. We've only been provisionally approved though, so please hold thumbs and pray that we hear some awesome news tomorrow as time on our offer is running out. And we don't want to lose this place that we're crazy about... (promise to post pics if we get it!!!!)

Apart from that, not too much going on. Looking forward to this weekend again, going to my first RUGBY match in JHB!!! Stormers VS Lions... Chris is a Stormers fan, so seeing as PE is closer to Cape Town than JHB (and by default of being engaged to C!) I'll be supporting them! Should be interesting...

Have a great Friday, weekend, and VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

me, trevor and our donor's sister....

Had the chance to meet up with Suzanne again today... she lives in Aus, but was visiting home :-) What a privilege!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

2 years ago today: HOME!!!

I was released from hospital on the 5th of Feb 2008. What a day! Was scared of leaving the safely of the hospital... having nurses there at the push of a button. Drs seeing you twice a day. Not too much movement needed. Strong pain meds. But at the same time I was excited... how will this new life be? A life without nebulising, supplemental oxygen, coughing (if all went well), being blue because of lack of oxygen. How will it feel to be considered normal?

If it wasn't for my 3-day stint in hosp last month, I would've been able to say I've never been admitted to hosp again. But that's OK, I wasn't in hosp because of my lungs. I've been so blessed. Read Emily's blog today and could SO relate to what she's saying.
Had a rough week work-wise, but it's the weekend!!!!!!!! Seeing Avatar FINALLY tonight. And the rest of the weekend should be fun too. HAVE A GOOD ONE!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Can't believe Jan is over! Although SO MUCH happened in this first month of 2010. Got engaged, first hospitalisation after tx, back to gym-routine, Chris and I found a place we really really like a lot (now to be able to buy it....) So all in all very productive month.

Weekend was quiet, went to Bridal Expo with Jolandi (who got her lungs almost 4 months ago), On Friday night I cooked for her and Reinhard, and on Sat eve we had a braai at their place. Didn't do much on Sunday!

On my way to bed now, will do more interesting update later in the week. Have a good one