Friday, February 26, 2010

Post #444: New lungs for Francois!!!!

Yay Francois, a 20 year old CF guy got lungs yesterday!!!!!!!!!! He came out of theatre at 2am this morning, going fine so far. First double lungs for this year. Please keep him in your prayers!!!!! They've had 3 donors in the last 3 days... truly amazing! So my hosp did 2 heart transplants on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the lungs yesterday. I know the other organs were transplanted at another hospital. So excellent week :-D Hopefully this continues and we have a really good year!!!! Organ donation has really taken a back seat to a million other causes in SA, and it's time people woke up about it.

My week's been good, not TOO busy at work, went to gym 3 times, saw Chris last night and got paid :-) And sure the weekend will be great too. Have a good one!

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