Friday, February 19, 2010

Yay it's Friday!

Ugh, what a week! AGAIN! After the excitement about the home loan settled in, we realised that they want us BOTH to get life-insurance... As you can imagine getting life insurance for me is nearly impossible. I applied last year and was turned down flat. So I haven't been feeling too positive. Haven't heard anything bank about my life insurance (Chris's is all good), but feeling quite a bit better as the bank has said that we won't "lose" the home-loan if I can't get life insurance, because Chris will have. Hopefully this is all going to work out then... it's been 4 weeks of nail-chewing, no sleeping for me. Can't wait for the day we can walk into that little townhouse and feel like it's OURS... well the bank's technically, but you know what I mean.

Going wedding dress shopping this weekend!! Not sure what to expect... hope it goes well. Also doing a talk tomorrow morning at our monthly Tx Network Meeting about the World Transplant Games. And having lunch in Pretoria on Sunday to celebrate my grandad's birthday! Nice & busy weekend :-) Have a good one too!

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Sarah said...

Good luck with the insurance. My mom got me a policy when I was like 6 because she knew I'd have trouble with it when I got older. Now I can barely keep health insurance. Figures. I really hope you can get a policy.