Friday, February 5, 2010

2 years ago today: HOME!!!

I was released from hospital on the 5th of Feb 2008. What a day! Was scared of leaving the safely of the hospital... having nurses there at the push of a button. Drs seeing you twice a day. Not too much movement needed. Strong pain meds. But at the same time I was excited... how will this new life be? A life without nebulising, supplemental oxygen, coughing (if all went well), being blue because of lack of oxygen. How will it feel to be considered normal?

If it wasn't for my 3-day stint in hosp last month, I would've been able to say I've never been admitted to hosp again. But that's OK, I wasn't in hosp because of my lungs. I've been so blessed. Read Emily's blog today and could SO relate to what she's saying.
Had a rough week work-wise, but it's the weekend!!!!!!!! Seeing Avatar FINALLY tonight. And the rest of the weekend should be fun too. HAVE A GOOD ONE!


Rene said...

Dit voel so gister wat jy huis toe gekom het.

Lovin Lane said...

Happy 2nd anniversary!!!

Christy said...

Two years already?!?! Time has flown. Wow! Congratulations. I'm thrilled to see you are doing well. God is so good. :0)