Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trip down memory lane!!!

I had a trip down memory lane today... like I said yesterday, I went to visit Ditha's grade 2 class, at my old school. Haven't been there in a VERY long time!!! The kids were so cute!!! They want me to be their teacher next year, lol! Also talked to some of my old teachers who are still there. Most of them seemed o remember me and was glad to see me! Took a cool picture, but I forgot my cable to download pics from my camera to my pc at home (in JHB)... very clever! So I decided to take my readers on a trip down memory lane as well!!! Well MY memory lane anyway! Had to e-mail the pics to someone and had them scanned at Anto's house...

I think they're quite self-explanatory... The pic to the right is me in my athletics gear! Very proud!! That was 15 years ago! The one with me in the black dress was my matric farewell (senior prom for the Americans!), which was 6 years ago. Then there is also a pic of my graduation, 2 years ago. The rest are just obvious family pics...

Had a crappy night last night. Had 2 glasses of milk before I went to bed last night, and forgot to take my creon (pancreatic enzymes)... So I woke up at 4am with horrible stomach pains and eventually I was sick. Immediately took my temperature, but it was fine. But was nauseous for the rest of the night and this morning. Took my temperature again and it was still fine. Sms'd my Dr anyway, and he said the nausea might be a side effect from the anti-rejection meds, but that I should just watch the situation. Well luckily it's gone now and I'm eating fine (although staying away from milk, lol!). And hopefully I'll be able to fully enjoy tonight!!! I need steak dammit!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

98 Days and counting down...

So today is day #98 after transplant. I was told that the first 100 days are the crucial period. So just 2 more days and I'm through that!!! Without any complications whatsoever, How awesome is that? Going to celebrate it with my friends tomorrow evening, when we're going for cocktails, followed by dinner at a fancy restaurant!!! Looking forward to that and dressing up!!! Will definitely take lots of pics!!! On Friday my mom, dad, sister and I are spending the night at Storms River Mouth (my favourite place in the whole world!!!) to celebrate as a family. We haven't spent a night here together since 2001!!!

Saw The Other Boleyn Girl today, was a great movie!!! And my first movie this YEAR!!! Anto and I were the only people in the movie theatre, which was cool. I read the book by Philippa Greggory (not sure how you spell her name!!) as well, and considering they had to fit the entire book into a movie, I thought it was very well done. Great storyline...

Also went for a run/walk on the beach this morning, which was great, except that my ankles and knees hurt when I run. Don't know why the hell this is, but I'm going to visit my PE physio sometime this week, so will ask her about it. Maybe there's some kind of stretch or something I can do. That would be cool.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to my friend Ditha's grade 2 class. Her whole class prayed for me and drew me pictures when I was in hospital and is always asking about me. Bought them some sweets!!! It is also my old school, so I'm going to say hi to some of the teachers who taught me as well...that is if they even remember me, lol!!! The girl with the crazy hair who couldn't shut up!!! haha...

So anyway, I'm enjoying home, although in a way it feels like I'm a visitor and Joburg is my home now. Which is a good thing I guess. Prefer Joburg's drivers!!! These people send my blood pressure through the roof when they drive at 30km/hr staring at the ocean!!! And then it's locals!!! The sea looks the same as yesterday dammit, just DRIVE!!!!! And then they probably think I'm some Gauteng bitch when I overtake them with my GP numberplate, lol!!!

O yes, and for everyone who stays in PE, my article is supposed to be in the Algoa Sun on THURSDAY... so read it!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick update

My visit home has been very nice so far... Carli, my friend from Cape town (well one of my friends from CT anyway!) slept over last night, which was cool. Yesterday we had Antoinette and Daniel over for Sunday lunch and had leg of lamb... VERY yummy! Then I went to Anto's house again, and watched the previous week's Grey's Anatomy that I missed. Church was also great! Miss my church here quite a bit, but still very excited about my new church in Joburg...

This morning we had people over for tea and cookies, and did a bit of shopping this afternoon. Or rather my sister did, but my mom and I joined her. They keep complaining that I walk too fast, lol! Going to Anto's house again tonight to watch Greys! But first I need to go do some exercise... Haven't done much since my run on Friday morning. Yesterday morning the wind was horrible (a real 'welcome back to PE'... we're known as the windy city!). This morning when I woke up the first thing I listened for was the wind... and there was none... but then I saw the rain... ugh! So now it's me and the eliptical trainer... a real torture machine!!!

O, and I'm really getting nice and fat now!!! I'm at least 4/5kg heavier than in January when I weighed myself on our scale. Think I want to stop gaining weight now. Although another kilo or so won't bother me. But then it has to be muscle and not fat! In fact, if we're talking muscle then I'm not opposed to quite a few more kilos...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back in PE!!!!

First things first... I'm back in PE and with Antoinette right now... her health is not good. They did the scope, found internal bleeding, could not figure out where it's coming from or what's wrong, so they just sent her home. In pain. So she is, very understandably, quite upset. All the pain for nothing!!!! I wish I could just take her to one of the excellent doctors at Milpark hospital...

Sorry for not blogging the last few days, I used up our internet quota for the month, oops!!! So I have not had internet access since Thursday. We left Joburg yesterday afternoon, and spend the night in Bloemfontein, where we have family. The pics are of me and my cousins, ML and Nicola. Nicola graduated yesterday, so it was her graduation dinner! Unfortunately she didn't feel too well, as her dad took her out to eat skaapkop (a sheap's head... I know, gross) after graduation, so she was feeling a bit sick!!! )mental note: never eat skaapkop!!!!
Arrived in PE at about 12 o'clock. Very excited about my week here, will keep you posted!!! And so excited about Tricia being home...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog chain-letter thingy...

7 Random or weird things about yourself:

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  1. When I was little my friend Louzanne and I used to chew our toe-nails and suck our big-toes. (gross, I know)
  2. Me and the neighbourhood kids had a 'gang' called 'Die Stoute Plannetjies Bende' (Naughty Plans Gang- although it doesn't sound right in English!)
  3. I used to tell my sister that I'm a ghost, and that I died long ago, and then I would tell her all these stories about what life was like 'in the old days'. She beleived me.
  4. I used to wish that I lived 100 or more years ago. Untill I discovered the medicine was pretty crap back then and I would've died quite early on!
  5. I wanted to become a composer when I was in Primary school, and actually finished my grade 8 piano exam, but I'm too lazy to practise these days.
  6. I don't really like pasta
  7. I love medical drama's (go figure!)

I'm tagging:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday morning

So I had another bad dream last night. This time it involved no coughing, but lots of not-being-able-to-breathe-ness. I dreamt that we were having lunch at our neighbours in PE, and I was really battling to breathe. Like when I used to feel after I haven't coughed or nebulised for a few hours, very tight-chested. And I was struggling to eat, which is what used to happen then. And I was getting anxious about getting home, stressing about having to walk ALL THE WAY NEXT DOOR.... When I woke up I had to take a few deep breaths, because it still felt like I was battling! So I went for another run/walk this morning, and went a bit further than last week, just to make sure the dream wasn't real!

The strange thing that I have realised though is that when I'm awake, I can't remember what it felt like struggling like that! Seriously, I try to remember, but it's hard. I remember my limitations and all the things I loathed, like climbing stairs, but I can't quite pinpoint how my breathing FELT. However, when I dream about not being able to breathe or coughing up blood, I know EXACTLY what it feels like and it's SO REAL. It's like my brain remembers it and wants to remind me. Which I am thankfull for, quite frankly. It reminds me to thank God for these beautiful lungs and appreciate them to the full!

Yesterday was quite cool, went to visit my surgeon, haven't seen him in ages! And the guy who came up and talked to me at church, Craig, came for coffee! Well, we had loadshedding, so technically speaking he came for juice (and cookies), lol! So excited about making friends here!!! After that my dad and I went out for supper to celebrate my 3 months post tx. And of course the power was still off so I couldn't cook (yay!) This afternoon Peter is coming for coffee (or juice if he wants, lol!) and tomorrow afternoon I've got an interview with the Sunday Independant!!! About winning the blog award. Hopefully I'll get to see the article on-line (and post a link!), as we're going to be in PE on Sunday and don't get the paper there!

Oh and the pic of the cat is just because I miss her so much and can't wait to see both of them on Saturday! On the photo she is being very naughty, lying in my room where she's not allowed to be anymore! Just look at that face... you gotta love her!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 MONTHS and another headline...

Today is my 3 month anniversary!!!!!!! On 22 January this time I was waiting in the hospital, scared, excited, a bit anxious... Praise God that everything has gone perfectly so far!!!!

The new article that I submitted this morning has also been headlined!! It's a totally different topic than the previous one, but take a look if you want to:

Monday, April 21, 2008


Yay!!!!!!!! My first article that I wrote for has been headlined!!!!!!! Go and read it!!!! Look under Citizen Voices... or


Church was great last night!!! The moment I steped foot into the church people greeted me. It is a small church, so everyone knew that I'm new. And as I entered the auditorium a very nice guy immediately came up to me and introduced himself and sat next to me during the service. It's very simmilar to Harvest, my church in PE, just WAY smaller, but that's nice. I met the rest of the youth as well, and will be joining their cell-group when I get back from PE in 2 weeks time. SO EXCITED!!!! Just want to mention that I didn't wear my mask. (only have to wear it to the hospital and when I feel threatened by sick people/ too many people from now on) I only told the one guy about my transplant. Will inform the rest when I join the cell-group, but it was quite a nice feeling not being different. No mask, no couching, just a normal girl in a new church...

Although speaking of coughing... had a horrible coughing dream last night. Dreamt that I had started coughing up bloody green junk. Was horrible, I woke up with my heart racing and only relaxed once I realised my chest is clear!

Antoinette is going to the hospital at 12 today, so please pray for her and that they figure out what's wrong once and for all! Have a good week!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

weekend so far

It's been a great weekend so far! Went to fetch my mom at the airport on Friday evening, and got some pizza on the way back. I also made some brownies for the weekend (although it came out a bit hard...). Yesterday morning we went SHOPPING!!!!!!! Was very successful! Got some nice winter stuff!
After our shopping expedition we had lunch in Melville, which was very yummy. We spent the afternoon just relaxing and reading, and watched La Vie En Rose on dvd. Very good movie!!!! I've also started kniting another scarf (that does not mean the previous one in finished, I'm just a little bored with it and bought some amazing new wool with my Aunty Deanie 2 weeks ago, and couldn't wait to start any longer!), which is looking beautiful!
Went to the same church as last week with my parents today, and again thought that it might be way too huge for my liking. Checking out Church Alive tonight! Hopefully I'll feel more at home there... After church we went to Sandton City! It was my first time there, and although we only bought food and stuff, it was an experience to see. Amazingly huge shopping centre. Next time one of my girlfriends come to visit we're definitely spending a day there! Will have to save up some money first!
Going to have some coffee now and either knit or read... My mom's visit went by so quickely (she's leaving tomorrow morning at 6am, so she has to be at the airport at 5am, luckily I'll still be sleeping, lol!), but at least we'll be seeing her again on Satuday, when we'll be back in PE for a week. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Something quite exciting and the weekend ahead

I've been invited to be a Citizen Journalist for ... Cool and a bit scary at the same time!!! You have to submit 2-3 articles a week and get paid for them (in US$!) Articles should be about politics, economics, society, hot-toppics etc, and they should be your own viewpoint. I've registered, so hope I'll have enough to say!

My visit to Dr Williams went great today, everything was fine. Went for another jog/walk this morning (so all in all I did 3 runs and a 6km cycle this week), and my legs aren't even tired! Going to go a bit further next week! And the week after that we're going down to PE again, where I can RUN ON THE BEACH!!!!!

My mom's flying up tonight, so will be great to have her here for the weekend! Missed her quite a bit. Going shopping etc!!!! My poor sister has to stay in PE to study... :-( But at least I'm seeing her next weekend when we go down there!

Also... Antoionette, my friend who blogged for me while I was in the hospital and even after that when I didn't have internet yet, has to go for some kind of kidney surgery/scope on Monday. This will be her third one. They can't figure out what's wrong, and she's in pain, feverish and nauseous all the time. That's no way to live, so please pray that they figure out what's wrong with her this time!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick update...

Don't have much to say, except that.... MY LUNG FUNCTION (FEV1%) IS 99%!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x1 000 000....... 12 weeks and 2 days after the transplant. Unbeleivable, and only by the grace of God. It might not be that high again next time, but who cares, it's 99% TODAY!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wacky wednesday

I've had this title before, pre-tx, but this is a much better post! Before I begin with my day, I just have to share this: I'm sitting here laughing my head off because of an e-mail a friend send me. He says I remind him of the Bio-slim ads. (for those of you who haven't seen them, they usually feature someone walking in a garden talking about how they have their life back after losing all the weight, really corny and pathetic) He says I would be like:

'My friends did not love me, my mother did not love me, my boyfriend did not love me, but thanks to my lung-transplant, I got my life back. Try a lung-transplant, it will work for you!'
HAHA!!! Obviously the parts of my parents and friends not loving me aren't true (the boyfriend part...mmm), but I found it SO funny!
The photo is of me and Peter! Excuse my tummy sticking out! I need to get a bit more weight on me to keep my jeans up, lol! We went shopping together with our masks! So instead of being one weird person with a mask on we were 2... people must have thought we know something they don't! Or that we both have some rare disease! In anycase, it was very nice! Seeing him again tomorrow when we go for lung functions! Looking forward to that, maybe the running will make a difference, although how much higher than 95% can you go?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

almost forgot...

It's my 12-week anniversary today!!!!! 12 weeks ago this time I was in surgery for almost 2 hours I think... The pic is me and my mom while I was waiting to be wheeled into the theatre... waiting for my life to start again... And all my expectations have been exceeded. This is better that I ever imagined it would be, and I am SO blessed. God has totally been on my side... I can only pray that all the others waiting will also get their new lease on life... so become organ donors people, PLEASE... I've got the link posted somewhere on the side... JUST DO IT!!!!

Feeling rather like a supermodel now...

The photoshoot is over!!! Was really fun though, very relaxed, very nice people, cool clothes, great make-up... can't wait to see the pictures! The article will only be in the SA edition of O magazine, but I'm sure it'll be available on-line as well.

The rest of the day was rather boring, did some cleaning and washed my hair etc for this afternoon. Tonight I'm just cooking for me and my dad and tomorrow I'm going to see Peter, the other tx guy, looking forward to that.

Finished My Sister's Keeper last night... those of you who've read it will know that it's quite an unexpected ending... will definitely be looking out for some more of her books!

Don't have much more to say, for very funny entertainment check out my cool friend Bree's blog at She always makes me laugh!!! She's hoping to be listed for a lung transplant very soon...

Monday, April 14, 2008

exciting run and rather boring day...

Went for another run/walk this morning! Very nice... but my calves are suffering now so I'll just cycle tomorrow, giving them a break! Shame, those muscles haven't really worked in years. At least I still remember how to run, thought I might have forgotten, lol! I've heard there's a transplant Olympic games....mmm... :-)

Church was nice yesterday. I enjoyed the sermon etc, but just felt very lonely! I think people thought I have TB or some mutant disease with the mask on, so no-one sat close to me! Which is good germ-wise, but nevertheless lonely for a social creature like me! Afterward everyone drank coffee in their little groups, and I didn't feel like walking up to people and just randomly introducing myself. And it's a HUGE church, which might be a difficult environment for mingling. My friend who was supposed to come with me says he won't be able to come next week either, so I'll be checking out an English church, also close by. (for the last 2 years I've been going to an Eng church in PE, Harvest, so I've kind of gotten used to that now) Hopefully those people are more inviting! Wish me luck!

Spent the rest of the day doing washing, ironing, gave my cv off at another place, got a bit lost twice (at least I've got the map!!!), but nothing serious! Also did the normal food shopping, and chatted with Bree, Irma and Anto on MSN/google talk. Wanted to finish my book but didn't, will do that tonight!

The O magazine people are coming for the photoshoot tomorrow, and I'm a bit nervous! Hope it goes well... not really the model/photoshoot type!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not far. Only uphill (downhill bounces too much, and there was only uphill or downhill). Not for very long. But I RAN. For the first time in probably 5 years or so, and 1000 times better than then. Whoooohoooo!!!!!!!!!! On Saturday afternoon and this morning. And guess what? I want to go again tomorrow morning!! Because I CAN!!!! And it's FUN, and exhillerating, and it's great feeling how deep down the breath goes, and my legs burn, and I feel ALIVE. I sense a new addiction coming on...

The pic above is me and my granddad!! Love him, he's so sweet and loving!! The weekend was very nice. Apart from discovering the new addiction-to-be I just read and read and ate and ate. Had lunch today with My Uncle Helgaard and Aunt Dalana, which was the best meal I've had in quite a while! Reading a great book by Jodie Picoult called My Sister's Keeper about a girl who was 'designed' to be a genetic match for her sister who has a rare form of Lukemia, and so her sister has to donate blood, platelets etc, but eventually it comes down to having to donate her kidney to her sister, who might not even survive the transplant. Really thought-provoking, and I can't put it down!

Going to church tonight, so have to start getting ready for that. Really hope it's a cool church and that I'll make some friends there! Hope your weekend was cool too!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I was going through some of my old pics on my laptop and came across this one... It was taken 4 months ago. CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT!!! Just 4 months... I look like crap! Was on IV's and obviously the O2. I build tons of puzzles to keep busy. In fact, now that I think of it, I had started blogging by then. If you go back to the December posts you'll see that I was talking about getting the picc line etc... It was such a horrible place to be, and I'm SO thankfull it's over!!!!

Guess what?!?! The Oprah Magazine in SA e-mailed me yesterday! (and I almost deleted it because I thought it was just advertisements or something!) They want to do an article on me and the blog etc! How exciting is that?! Will be doing the interview via e-mail and they're coming next week for the photoshoot... Should raise some good organ donation awareness!!!!
Lunch with Aviva yesterday was fab, had a lovely time (thanks Aviva!). I've also made 15 copies of my cv and going to drop some of them off this afternoon, and have to go food-shopping again as well. This morning I had tea with my Aunt Deanie, which was also very nice. She took me to a great wool-shop where I got the most beautiful green/black wool to knit another scarf. Now I just need to finish the one I'm busy with, lol!
Going to Pretoria to my grandfather for the weekend! And then church on Sunday evening. My friend who was suppose to come with me can't make it anymore, but I'm still going! Will look like some terrorist with my mask sitting away from everyone all on my own, but who cares, lol! Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My week so far

Had no pic to put up today, so decided I'll show you what my cat looked like when she saw me for the first time when I was home now... NOT VERY IMPRESSED!!!! Especially since she couldn't come into my room, nevermind not being able to sleep with me, lol!!! Luckily she soon returned to her dumb and friendly state of mind, although she still cried in front of my bedroom door. Poor kitty... you've got to love her!

The last two days have been suprisingly busy (I use the term loosely!)... On Tuesday afternoon I did some shopping and went to the post office to fetch some of the meds that the pharmacy had sent to our PE home by mistake. Bought a very nice white shirt for work! Been looking for one for a while, and this one fits perfectly! When I got home loadshedding was in progress (for international readers... our government or whoever was responsible for supplying South Africa with electricity totally messed up and now we don't have enough power untill something like 2012, as it takes years to build power stations, plus the existing ones keep on breaking down for some reason. So now they've come up with the ingenious plan of LOADSHEDDING. Each neighbourhood has about 3 powercuts a week lasting about 4 hours, glorious... thank God I don't need O2 anymore, it used to be a big issue!). Luckily my laptop has 2 hr 45mins battery life, so I played tetris and solitaire while listening to music. When the laptop died I read, when the daylight died I played with my phone. More than 4 hours later we had light again and was back in civilisation!

Yesterday I had lunch with Suzanne in Mellville, which was great. Parking's a huge issue there, and it's such a liberating feeling not having to worry about walking far! I like the walking! Then I went to spend the afternoon with Peter, the CF guy who also had his transplant 3 weeks or so after mine! I've only seen him for 5 mins in hospital before, but we had so much to chat about! Was great! Him and I and another CF woman who we've never met are the only living CF lung recipients. So the two of us rapidly improved the hospital's stats! Hopefully tha other CF patients on the list will all get their lungs too!!! Speaking of which, Tricia is doing great and Gina (pepe) is listed again!!!! Yay, may she get those lungs EXTREMELY soon!!!!!

Today I'm having lunch with Aviva(physio)! Looking forward to that very much!! And my cv, academic record and covering letter is finished. Now I just have to make copies and decide where to give it off... loving all the driving around in Joburg getting to know the area. (I often get to know areas I wasn't planning on by ending up in the wrong lane and realising too late that I can't change lanes anymore!) But it's an adventure, something which I longed for for the whole of last year... life is good. God is good.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Social withdrawl symptoms and milktart

So I'm all on my own this week... Thank goodness for technology because without that I'd be totally isolated! Facebook, MSN, Google talk and my phone really helps! Having coffee with Aviva (physio) sometime which I'm looking forward to a lot. Also, I may have found a church... The church was recommended to me by 1 or 2 people, and yesterday while driving around I stumbled apon it! So I asked a guy I know here in Joburg, who did my BCom with me, whether he'd come with me on Sunday. Turns out it's already his church, so looking forward to that! Would love to meet some more young people here!

Yesterday I had a desperate housewife day... without the gossip, sex and scandal :-( I got my hair cut (very nice!), did washing, did ironing, made supper, watched tv, washed the dishes a few times, shopped for food etc. It's fine for now, but I really need to get a part-time job soon. Drove around yesterday looking for accounting firms where I can hand in my cv, but it was a bit difficult, as the roads are so busy you can't really slow down to check everything out! So I'm going to try and get hold of a telephone directory and rather start there.

As you can see I posted a pic of a milktart! It has a milk-like filling with cinnamon sprinkled on top. It's very yummy and not too sweet. In the comments to my previous post someone gave a link to a website with the recipe! Apparently there is a pic as well, but I enjoyed the excuse to have to buy one! It was our dessert...

I'm reading this really cool book at the moment, called Breathless, by Amber Metz. She sent me the book just after my transplant, but I only received it last week when I was home. It's about her own lung transplant experience, on a spiritual level. I really enjoy reading her experience, experiencing the same emotions all over again. If you want to find out more go to

That's all I've got to say for now. Hope you are having a good week!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wonderfull weekend....

The weekend was awesome, everything I expected it to be! On Saturday morning we went to the hospital to pick up one of my anti-rejection meds, and I got a chance to show Louz the hospital. Then we got some muffins and had a picnic in the Botanical gardens, and had coffee in the restaurant. There were some thunder going on, so we were scared that we would
be trapped there, but luckily it only rained a bit. After that we went for a bit of shopping, and then we headed to Suzanne's place and had proper lunch and yummy milktart for dessert. We decided go out and have some drinks in the evening, and Suzanne invited a distant cousin of mine who stays just outside Joburg with (Hallo Duan! :-)) He went to school with us, and I haven't talked to him in ages! Was really cool seeing him.

Today we went shopping again, after which we had lunch in Mellville. Had the most delicious baguette's... Then we just came home and had some tea and drove to the airport. When leaving the airport in an absent-minded, happy daze, I paid for my parking ticket and walked to the car. While I was slowly driving towards the exit of the parking garage I realised that I don't actually know what I did with my ticket, and wouldn't be able to get out! I parked again, searched myself and the car and my handbag etc. Gave up, walked back to the pay-station and pressed the HELP button... the voice told me to go to the office on the right side of the garage. She failed to mention whether it was MY right side or the right side in relation to the entrance.. So I first walked towards the latter. Which turned out to be the wrong assumption. I then walked towards the other side (would never have made it with O2, it's a HUGE parking garage!), where I eventually found said office. Told the woman what happened, and she asked for my registration number. Since I haven't had my car for very long, I wasn't sure what it is! So I had to go back to the car, write down the nr, and go back to the office and pay a fine in order to get a new ticket! What a mission! Eventually I made it out of there and successfully conquered the busy highways back home on my own!

The week ahead may be somewhat of a challenge, as all of a sudden I'll be on my own, with my dad working long hours during the day. Not sure what I'll be doing with myself during the day. The only thing I need to do is get a haircut... Will figure something out I guess.

Found a new blog today, which was really touching and upsetting at the same time. It's about a girl with CF needing a transplant, but who is SO sick right now that she's been de-listed. That nust be the most horrible feeling in the world. Praying that she will regain enough strength to be listed once again. Go to if you're interested. Reading that REALLY makes me appreciate my lungs even more. If that's possible.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Another glorious weekend awaiting me...

Firstly... it seems like Tricia is doing great!!!! Yay!!! Praise God!!! I really want her to be breathing as easily as I am, especially since she has a baby and so much to live for!

As you can see I added my winning-badge to the blog... think it looks really cool :-) Saw Dr Williams just now. Everything's still going great! Weight up another 1.5 kg (I've picked up 4.5kg now in total, don't have much to go), and fev1%/lungfunction 95%. So I'm a very happy camper. Now for my exciting weekend ahead...

One of my bestest best friends since pre primary school, Louzanne, is flying up from Cape Town tonight for the weekend!!!!!!! She is the only one who hasn't seen me yet. The last time she saw me I was doing extremely crap (the same time my 'spot the difference'-blue picture was taken). We were partners in crime since we were 5 and gave the nursery school teacher all her days... poor woman! We often hid from her in the trees, like little monkeys, 'bunking class' untill our parents came to fetch us!!! We also made fake sausages from paper and swopped 'food' with these two gullable blond girls who fell for it every time. Either that or they were scared of us, lol. Either way, we got some nice sandwiches in exchange for paper and paint!!! We went to an English Jewish pre-primary school, so when we reached primary school we didn't know the other Afrikaans kids, so we just stuck together ever since...

Weather permitting, we'll have a picnic in the botanical gardens! Will post pics and update on Sunday evening. Have a good weekend and may Tricia continue to do well...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The scenic route from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg...

My dad and I decided to take the scenic route back to Joburg. It took quite a while... we left at 5:30am and arrived here at 7pm. But I think it was worth it! The scenery was really beautiful, and we had a nice lunch in a small town called Clarens. It's quite high up in the mountains, and we definately reached at least 2000m above sea level. And I didn't feel any different... yay! The photo's aren't in any order, as it is quite difficult to get them to go where you want them! So just enjoy the view! The night time pics are from when we arrived in JHB.