Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions-a year ago...

OK so this is REALLY my final post for 2008... It's just something I realised a while ago and this might be a good time to post about it... In the past I've made New Years resolutions most years, although, like everyone out there I didn't really stick to them. This time last year however, I was SO uncertain about what was going to happen in 2008 (would I get lungs? would I survive the year? would I have my transplant in Florida? etc), so I just made 4 WILD New Years Resolutions/wishes... here they are:

  1. Keep myself alive.
  2. Get lungs.
  3. Have fun.
  4. Find love.

And they all came true... So the moral of the story? Go wild with New Years Resolutions, don't put a limit on your happiness or abilities and the power of prayer... you might be surprised!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back at work.....

So my 'holiday' is over, and I feel like I need another one just to recover!!!! There was just way too much to do and people to see!!!! Saturday was pretty cold and wet, so we watched a DVD I got for Christmas, and played some squash. In the evening we had pizza at Antoinette's place, which was great. Lots of fun and laughter...

On Sunday Chris and I walked the Sacramento Trail, and it was so hot, we ended up swimming in our clothes! I forgot my hairclip on the beach, but it was worth it! We spend the rest of the day chilling with the family... Yesterday we drove out to a farm stall outside PE, where we had breakfast (Louzanne, Daniel, Antoinette, Leandre and us)... followed by a braai (BBQ) with the fam. So all in all the trip home was GREAT, although I would've loved to do some more stuff and see some more people and swim some more!!!

Tomorrow eve we're going to friends of Chris, Daniel and Alice, for New Years Eve... it better be great, seeing as my previous New Years since 2003 were all rather crappy!!! Either due to bad company or bad health!!!

And since this is probably my last post for 2008... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! And thanks SO MUCH for all the support and well-wishes during what has been the best year of my life... may 2009 be just as AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Visit so far...

So far my visit home has been great, as you can see! Up untill today the weather was great too, although today the wind is seriously blowing!!! Christmas was AWESOME... really the best one EVER... We walked down to the beach twice, ate way too much delicious food, went to church, just had a blast...

Yesterday some friends and us went to the beach, and I had my FIRST swim in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was WONDERFUL but scary, as the sea was so rough, the waves REALLY hit you down hard. Not so cool if you haven't been in there for years, lol! Hopefully I'll have another chance before we leave... Had supper at Louzanne's house last night, which was also very nice.

Today's going to be busy again, will update again soon... Hope you had an amazing Christmas, and my thoughts and prayers are with my donor family who spend their first Christmas without their loved-one...
P.S. I FINALLY posted some pics of my scar... if it's not so close-up you can hardly see it!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Working 'till 12 today, and then I'm out of here! Going to leave my car at Chris's place, and then we're off to the airport!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I also took an extra day leave, so will only be flying back on Monday!!! 5 awesome days of home...

Will be posting lots of pics etc!!! Bye...

Monday, December 22, 2008

11 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's 11 months with the new lungies today!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! AND, I swam 4 times this weekend!!!! It was SO HOT, so perfect swimming weather! Just wish I could work on my tan, but not allowed to, as Prograf makes your skin more sensitive to the sun/increases chances of skin cancer, so it's SPF 40 all the way... but the swimming was great... pretty tiring though, totally not used to that type of exercise (not that I ever was a swimmer), but at least it made me sleep well! Slept like 11 hours on Sat night and 8 last night. Was just SO TIRED from work and stressing etc.

Anyway, it's only 2.5 working days 'till I go home, and 3 sleeps 'till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't been home in months and missing my mom and sis like crazy. And the beach ;-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

5 sleeps 'till HOME...

YAY!!!! In a week's time it's my second day home!!! CAN'T WAIT... and only 3.5 working days left!!! (the 24th is half-day)

Went for a run again this morning, but didn't sleep much last night, was tossing and turning from about 1am to 4am, just stressing a bit about stuff. So I was feeling a bit lazy with the running, but at least I went, and feeling more awake now. Planning on relaxing this weekend. Luckily BASICALLY all my Xmas shopping is done. And hopefully I get a chance to swim THIS weekend... On Tuesday it was overcast and cool :-(

Posting some random pics here... The first one is my Xmas tree I got myself!! It's made of wire and beads, bought it from a vendor at traffic lights. Then there is the flower lily potplant thingy I got from Chris :-) Love it!!!! And lastly, when I opened my blog yesterday I saw a nice round number, and took a pic!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yesterday and tomorrow a year ago... and tomorrow.

Sorry for the confusing heading, but it explains what I want to write about! The pic on the left here was taken yesterday a year ago. 15 Dec 2007. I looked and felt like crap and can't believe how THIN I was... remember not being able to put my knees on top of each other when lying on my side, 'cos they were poking into one another, and it hurt. Don't have much else to day about it, except that it shocks me every time I look at it. I can definitely say it was my lowest point. If only I knew then that my transplant was a month and one week away...

Tomorrow a year ago I wrote this post... as you can see I was seriously venting and not in a good place. What I said did come true though... I no longer hear from the fake friends, those who didn't bother texting me when I was sick I now ignore most of the time (for some reason they're making more contact now...suprise surprise), and my true friends are still my best friends and are awesome and love sharing my new lungs with me. So all is good!!!!

AND tomorrow is me and Chris's 2 month anniversary :-D YAY for probably the best 2 months EVER... Tomorrow it's back to work for me, BUT it's only 5.5 working days 'till I go HOME with Chris!!!!! Life is great....

Monday, December 15, 2008

My day OFF!!!!

So I took leave for today, as tomorrow is a public holiday, so it gives me a chance to relax a bit, and finish my Christmas shopping!! The day's been busy but great. Went to see medical aid about something, finished off my Xmas shopping, wrapped all of the gifts (soooo excited about them, didn't do ANY Xmas shopping last year!!!!, and this year I'm earning a salary AND I can actually walk properly), had lunch with Aviva, which was great, distributed posters and postcards for the Organ Donor Foundation at Milpark Hosp... so it's been productive!!!

The weekend was pretty relaxing. Played squash twice, ran on the treadmill a bit, fetched my new ID book (mine's been lost for years... finially applied for a new one a few weeks back), and I had my year-end function! It was pretty cool, and the food was GREAT. Didn't stay there too late though, felt quite tired. Check out the pics! The theme was SAFARI, if you can't tell...

Right now I'm listening to the rain and thunder (we're having a typical Joburg afternoon thunderstorm), and eating some fruitcake that my gran send up for me... really feeling the Christmas Spirit!!!

Speaking of which... I drove over a cat last week Wednesday... very un-Christmas Spirit-like... It was at night, and the cat was black, and it just appeared in front of my car out of nowhere. It was truly horrible. I went to find the owner and she didn't take it well and swore at me etc. Really unreasonable, as I didn't HAVE to go looking for the cat's owner at 9:30pm at night. I could've just left the cat there and let her find it the next morning. But anyway... can't do anything about it now. Just feel so bad for the kitty, as I've also cats in PE and have lost 2 cats before, and know how horrible it is...

Anyway... Going to see a movie or something with Chris last night, and REALLY hoping it's going to be nice and WARM tomorrow so that I can SWIM!!!! Still haven't tested my lungs in the water... or tried out my new bikini... let's hope for the best!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I completely forgot that today is my 1 year anniversary of blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my first post ever... Can't believe all that has happened in a year. Last year I was a weak sick bored person. Now I'm strong, healthy, and BUSY... all the glory goes to GOD...

Thanks to everyone who reads this!!! Your comments and support makes it worthwhile, and I'm not intending on stopping blogging. Especially the support during my transplant was amazing. You people rock!

13 Days before Christmas...

Only 13 sleeps left till Christmas and 12 till I go home!!! Just wanted to do short update: Lung functions were great, 99.5% FEV1%, FeNO was 16, bloods were perfect, blood pressure is down, so everything is fantastic :-D!!!! So I'm a happy camper... *massive understatement*

Work is pretty busy still, and our year end function is on Sat night!! The theme is Safari, so I'm pretty excited about that!!! Will post lots of pics.

I thought the start of the documentry about Melanie and Trevor was great last night... So impatient, I want to see all of it now!!! Brought back floods of memories of course. WISH I had my transplant filmed too... because it goes by so quickly and you're on such a high you forget details. But anyway, thought it's a great documentary thusfar.

Taking my dad to the airport today, he's on his way home to PE for a few weeks (some people actually HAVE a holiday...gggrrrr). Have to get ready for another day at the office now though... for everyone having their last day of work today, ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early morning run

So this morning is another first for me... RUNNING BEFORE I GO TO WORK... it's something my mom and sis have been doing for years. Used to be in bed doing some early morning coughing and hear them go out for a run. There was a part of me being glad I had an excuse to still be in bed at that hour, but obviously another part wishing I had the option of doing the same.

So why try this now? Well... because I'm so busy I'm struggeling to find time for gym after work. And gym before work won't work that well, as I'd have to drive to the gym, work out, drive back, shower at home and get ready for work. It just takes too much time, as I leave for work at 6:45am. (Can't shower at the gym because of germs and stuff breeding in those showers). So came up with the idea of running before work. And it's a good workout with all the hills we have here. Just uphill and downhill.

And apart from that, there's end of January looming... when I want to improve my time for the 800m or 200m to qualify for the World Games next year. And it's giving me sleepless nights!

Monday after work I went shopping (shops are open later due to Christmas), and last night Chris and I went to a friend from church cell's farewell. She's moving to Durban. Tonight we have our last cell meeting for the year, and I've got to go for check-up and lungfunctions today or tomorrow, as my Dr is going on a much deserved holiday for a week and a half, and when he gets back I'm off to PE. Went for bloods yesterday morning, and started distributing some Organ Donor Foundation stuff at the hospital. (some of us who volunteered got allocated a hospital where we have to put up posters and distribute postcards at Dr's rooms. Luckily I got my hospital).

Then, VERY IMPORTANT: for all the SA readers... tomorrow night on m-net is a documentary about heart transplants, and Trevor (who got my donor's heart) and his sister, who also had a heart transplant, are going to be on there... it's at 19:30. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO WATCH IT!!!! I'm sure it's going to be great. I'll be watching at my Dr's place, since we don't have m-net.

OK that's all for now... have to get to work!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Very cool weekend!

Firstly, Jennifer explained the blog award thing to me in the comments to the last post. I will now link the pic to the appropriate site, and everything should make a bit more sense. Thanks Jen!

Then, had a great weekend, it just went by too fast :-( Went to see James at the airport, and it was more like an Amazing Race type deal running around at the airport trying to fix airline stuff-ups than having coffee, but was just glad to see him and be able to run around at the airport where I've been pushed in a wheelchair so often... :-D Pic on the left is us at the airport, obviously.

Then Chris and I drove to Pta to spend the night chilling with Patricia and Jacques. Was great fun, got pizza and watched DVD. This morning we went out for brunch, which was also very nice. Afterwards we joined up with my dad and grandad for lunch (fillet steak!!!!!), which was YUMMY!!!!!

Just busy organising myself for the week now... going to be BUSY!!! (so what's new). BUT, just 10.5 working days left for me before Christmas, and 18 sleeps till Christmas!!!! YAY!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blog award thing that I don't really understand!!!

It seems like Bree nominated/gave me for some blog award thing! Not sure how it works, but I will follow her instructions down to the letter, and pass it on...

The rules are:
  • post the award on your blog
  • link the person who gave it to you
  • Link the originating post nominating you
  • pass the award on to 5 more people
  • post the rules

OK, so nts 1 and 2 are done... Bree's post nominating me was this one.

Now... 5 more people...

The girl who got me blogging to start off with, Emily. It was the first blog I ever read. It a) give me hope, cos she has CF too, went through hell before transplant, had some complications after transplant, but ended up being fine, and living a FULL life and being happy just as I am now. Also, like I said, it inprired me to start blogging, and that b) kept me busy during that horrible month and a bit that I blogged before tx. (I obviously didn't think my lungs were coming that soon!)

Then, of course, Nate's blog. A lot of my readers found me through his blog, when he so nicely asked them to pray for me during my transplant. Also, the day before my transplant/day I go the call, he did a post asking everyone waiting for a transplant to put their name down, and they were going to have a prayer session praying for us or something to that extent. Well, a few hours later I GOT THE CALL... So his blog is also very special to me. Oh, and if you didn't know, his wife has CF and has been through an amazing journey of founding out she's pregnant while being evaluated for transplant, deciding not to abort the baby, having a premature baby, getting lungs, getting cancer.... trust me, if you haven't before, go read this blog.

OK I know she nominated me, but I'm just going to nominate her back, cos it wouldn't be fair if her blog wasn't on this list! Bree!, my Canadian friend!!! We're MSN buddies (although lately I feel like a bitch for never being on MSN anymore being so busy... sorry Bree!!!!) We started chatting a year ago... when she wasn't listed yet, and I was waiting. We found each other on her facebook group called Got Lungs? I'm SOOOO excited about her future. Even thoughit's crap now having to wait and feeling horrible and "like there's a cement block in/on your chest", with her awesome sense of humour, the world has got to be scared for when this chick gets lungs... she's going to redefine the term LIVING...

Then there's Jac's blog which I found a few months ago! She got her lungs about 3 months after me, and it's been so interesting following her journey all the way over in the UK. (Same as Emily for that matter). Love comparing our treatment etc! And glad that she's also doing so well!!!

The last one is not a CF'er, but Jennifer has Lyme's disease. Although the diseases are obviously very different, I can sympathise with being tired and having PICC lines! (Although I only had one of those for 3 weeks and she's had hers for MONTHS now... can't imagine having to go through that!!

OK so that's it!! In other news... I'm SOOO glad it's weekend. This week's been ROUGH at work and feel pretty stressed out, but it's all good, and at least it's weekend now. The great thing about working vs studying, is that you have weekends to yourself. Well for the most part at least and if you're at my level! Went to see Madagascar 2 last night, like I said, and it was pretty cool. I'm not the biggest fan of annimation, but I enjoyed it. Sometimes you need to see something like that to make you feel like a kid again for an hour or two!

Today I'm meeting a very old friend at the airport, James!!! He studies music at the Royal School of Music in London. We've known each other since we were tiny little kids, taking baths and playing together! He hasn't seen me since transplant, so he'll be surprised with how pink and fat I've become :-) Then Chris and I are also going to Pretoria again this weekend, spending the night at friends, and having lunch with my dad and grandad tomorrow. So should be a great weekend. Will update and post some pics tomorrow night or Monday! Have a good one!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My favourite month and wobbly moon pics

So it's finally arrived!!!!! My FAVOURITE month!!! Apart from the last 2 years, December has always been synonymous with beach, sea, friends, fruit cake, sunshine, tanning, swimming, eating in general... you get the picture. December 2006 and 2007 was synonymous with IV antibiotics, hospital, hating the heat, not having an appetite, liking the colder/windy days because then I don't feel like I'm missing out on that much, building puzzles...

This year it's COMPLETELY different to either of those scenario's, but I'm fine with that. I'll be working (taking 1 day leave), being independent on my own in JHB most of the time (dad has holiday and is going to PE), flying home from the night of the 24th 'till the 28th, taking Chris home to meet my mom and sis, going to have (hopefully!) a nice New Years eve for a change... the bottom line is that I feel like I'm growing up. The hardest about the 2 crappy Decembers was that my friends were finishing Varsity and starting new jobs and going overseas and all sorts of exciting stuff, while my days consisted of maintaining my breathing/staying alive... boring would be an understatement.

So needles to say, I'm pretty emotional about this Christmas (you'll still be reading about it a lot!!!), and can't stop thanking God and being utterly grateful towards my donor family, who will be going through a difficult time this Christmas, being the first without their loved-one. If only the world had more selfless people like them, then all my friends waiting for lungs wouldn't be spending every minute of this Christmas fighting to breathe. Bree, Louis, Maryke, Meghan, Rachael, Paul... the list goes on.

On a positive note though, there was another lung transplant over the weekend at Milpark. 54-year old guy who had COPD. That makes it 6 transplants this year. Of which I was the only woman and by FAR the youngest one. (And I'm the youngest lung transplantee in South Africa too, btw)

Sooo... enough babbling. My week's been pretty productive. Work's been going well. Had a GRUELING gym session on Tuesday (can barely walk my calves are so stiff), did all sorts of domestic stuff on Monday night. Went to get a script from Dr Williams after work and then had supper with Chris last night. Tonight we're having a church cell social. Tomorrow night Chris and I are going to go see Madagascar 2, and who knows what the weekend will bring... WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED!

P.S. The moon pics are my attempt of taking pics at the special moon thing that happened on Monday night. Venus and Jupiter were right next to the moon (or at least that's how it looked like from earth!). Unfortunately the combination of keeping the window open and Prograf making me tremble, they are VERY blurry. But I thought I'd post them anyway, just for the heck of it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last weekend of November...

I CAN NOT believe that tomorrow will be the first of December... it's UNREAL. Had another busy weekend, which unfortunately did not involve any swimming... but that's fine... I've waited a long time for this, so I'm patient.

Chris and I played squash twice (I'm sore in places I didn't know existed), watched dvd, started doing some Xmas shopping... and had lunch with some family in Pretoria today which was very cool. I was telling C today that we're so busy that weekends just fly past, and before you know it it's over, and Monday is staring you in the face again... ugh. BUT at least that means Christmas and going home is getting closer!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR THAT... just 24 sleeps!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So.... where do I start? Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and I WISH we had it here too... could do with a day off!! But obviously loving being normal, so won't complain (too much). At least it's almost weekend again!!!
The pics are of cell last night. Just young people from church chilling and discussing cool stuff. Always very cool. Monday and Tuesday eve was quiet, just went to gym both nights and did some domestic stuff...
Not sure what's happening this weekend, but it will def involve some squash and maybe a bit of xmas shopping... and hopefully SWIMMING in a pool... haven't done that in YEARS. The closest I came was sitting with my feet in the water 2 years ago. Got myself a new bikini a while back, so very excited!!!!
Having supper at Jenny's place tonight, Peter will also be there. And then Jenny and I are off to see our movie! Not sure what the movie's called, but will let you know!
P.S The fruitcake is a gift from my gran... she knows how much I LOVE it, and send me my OWN one for xmas!!!!!!!!!!! (not that I need it.... weight-wise)