Friday, December 12, 2008

13 Days before Christmas...

Only 13 sleeps left till Christmas and 12 till I go home!!! Just wanted to do short update: Lung functions were great, 99.5% FEV1%, FeNO was 16, bloods were perfect, blood pressure is down, so everything is fantastic :-D!!!! So I'm a happy camper... *massive understatement*

Work is pretty busy still, and our year end function is on Sat night!! The theme is Safari, so I'm pretty excited about that!!! Will post lots of pics.

I thought the start of the documentry about Melanie and Trevor was great last night... So impatient, I want to see all of it now!!! Brought back floods of memories of course. WISH I had my transplant filmed too... because it goes by so quickly and you're on such a high you forget details. But anyway, thought it's a great documentary thusfar.

Taking my dad to the airport today, he's on his way home to PE for a few weeks (some people actually HAVE a holiday...gggrrrr). Have to get ready for another day at the office now though... for everyone having their last day of work today, ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

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