Sunday, December 7, 2008

Very cool weekend!

Firstly, Jennifer explained the blog award thing to me in the comments to the last post. I will now link the pic to the appropriate site, and everything should make a bit more sense. Thanks Jen!

Then, had a great weekend, it just went by too fast :-( Went to see James at the airport, and it was more like an Amazing Race type deal running around at the airport trying to fix airline stuff-ups than having coffee, but was just glad to see him and be able to run around at the airport where I've been pushed in a wheelchair so often... :-D Pic on the left is us at the airport, obviously.

Then Chris and I drove to Pta to spend the night chilling with Patricia and Jacques. Was great fun, got pizza and watched DVD. This morning we went out for brunch, which was also very nice. Afterwards we joined up with my dad and grandad for lunch (fillet steak!!!!!), which was YUMMY!!!!!

Just busy organising myself for the week now... going to be BUSY!!! (so what's new). BUT, just 10.5 working days left for me before Christmas, and 18 sleeps till Christmas!!!! YAY!!!!

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