Saturday, October 22, 2011

Garden & Kitties

45 months :-)

Ninette update: she's had a very tough week and was put on ECMO (machine that oxygenates the blood basically) to give the new lungs a rest. She's still on the ECMO but was doing a little bit better yesterday. I haven't had any updates again today. Went past the hosp this morning after the walk to visit some friends, and all I heard was that she's "hanging in there". I really pray that she survives this...

Work's been going well, gym's been great, weather is great, love summer!!! So all in all I'm a very happy camper! Our kitties are also soooo cute, and my garden looking good, although lots that I want to do still. Also have a few weekends away with Chris and friends planned in the next 6 months, including a week off for my sister's wedding :-) CAN'T WAIT!!!!

The Big Walk had an awesome turnout, more than a 1000 people! And loads who signed up as organ donors. See some pics below... Don't have much plans yet for the rest of the weekend, but sure it'll be good!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ninette got lungs yesterday!!!

Good CF friend of mine Ninette got her call late Sat night, she came out of theatre just before midnight last night, and as far as I know she's stable and all's well. I REALLY pray it stays that way!!! It's only the second transplant I know of this year (there might have been another one but I don't know the recipient involved). Donor rates have really gone down :-( Please pray that she has a quick and hassle-free recovery!!!

My sister's visit last weekend was great! We bought some plants, had supper at my parents place and a braai at our place. Shopped for a dress for my mom to wear to the wedding next year (unsuccessfully :-/) All in all a very nice weekend. This past weekend one of my best friends from school, Carli was here with her fam, so got to see them on Sat, which was awesome. Yesterday I had a girls-afternoon... Chris and my friend's hubby went to the SA VS Australia cricket game, so we had lunch, went to the movies and coffee afterwards. Perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon! Got home rather late though and then didn't sleep too fantastically, I kept up waking up thinking about Ninette. Luckily her boyfriend (who also had a double lung tx last year in Feb kept me updated!

This Saturday is the annual Organ Donor Foundation Walk at the Joburg Zoo. Always a nice event. But before then still 4 more working days!!! Going to gym tomorrow, Will try to visit Ninette (or Francois most probably) on Wednesday, gym again on Thursday. Hopefully a good weeke then, and even if it's not, it ends with payday on Friday :-D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October *shock* :-0

October?? Where did Sept go??? Wow this year has less than 3 months left. And in actual fact only 2... AAAHHHH!!!! In exactly a months time we'll be in Port Elizabeth for the first time since we got married there for my cousin's wedding. CAN'T WAIT!!! Will be seeing my sister's place for the first time, and will definitely have to squeeze in a walk on the beach! Also seeing some old friends again, and very importantly my gransparents, who I also haven't seen since our wedding :-)

This week is month-end at work, and think I've been doing a lot better than last month, so that's good. Things are generally getting easier with the "new" job. My unpaid leave that I had to take for our overseas trip is also done now, so my salary for Oct will be looking a bit better, YAY!

The kitties are doing awesomely, almost fully grown, if not already there. The girl froze up in the tree on Sunday evening when we had our first PROPER thunderstorm for the summer. I think all the rain and thunder completely freaked her out. I tried getting her out of the tree with some tuna, but only managed to attract the neighbour's cat, which didn't exactly help! Eventually Chris had to chase the other cat, get a ladder and poke her down with a rake! Poor thing was wet and traumatised afterwards. Oh and the grass we planted has FINALLY started to grow, hope it continues that way! Will probably have to do another batch of seeds next summer, as it's not a creeping grass and not very thick right now.

My sister is also here this weekend, will be nice to see her again, and then in November and then in December and then in Feb for her wedding :-) Good times ahead!