Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrations of my sister's honours degree!

My sister heard on Friday that she has got her honours degree!!!! I took half-day leave from work and took her out for lunch, followed by some shopping! Was really nice! Had a braai with my dad on Friday night to continue the celebrations.

On Sat morning we went to the Oriental Plaza, which was a bit disappointing, although I did get a cheap little dress. My sis also bought me some lavender plants which I planted in some pots, very pretty! Also went to fetch Pierre, Chrislie's boyfriend aththe airport, he's joining us for the last 2 days of her visit...Had family (and family of family!) over for supper last night and did the CF Trust Walk this morning at the zoo and breakfast afterwards. Had a quiet lunch at home and late afternoon we went up to the Northcliff Towers and coffee in Parktown. Busy weekend!

Can't believe the last month of the year is starting this week!!!! The past 11 months have been so busy and also great!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday was 34 months!

Celebrated another month with the lungs on Monday! 2 months till 3 years! My dad took us out for supper, not just because of the lungaversary, but because Chrislie's here. Had a stunning pizza!

It's been really nice having my sister here. I've been working like usual, but tomorrow and Friday I'm taking half-day leave so I have the afternoon off! This year's been too long now... getting so tired of working! And there's going to be no break over Christmas, working rights through :-( Making me rather depressed today! Hopefully the work slows down a bit at least.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some weekend news

Not going to update much, off to bed now... Chrislie arrived yesterday afternoon late and we had supper, watched some TV and went to bed. Today we went shopping, I played in my garden a bit, we went to church, had a braai... here are a few pics...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 sleeps till Chrislie is here!!!!

Yay, can't wait!!! Just have to survive tomorrow and Sat morning :-) This week's been quite nice so far. On Monday night after gym and fighting at the hosp for my creon (digestive enzymes), Chris suprised me by taking me out to go see a movie! Our first one as a married couple :-) We used to see a lot more movies before we were paying off a bond! It the The Switch or something with Jennifer Aniston, rather cute and didn't require too much brainwork!

On Sat morning I'll be attending a meeting with SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) representing SATSA (South African Transplant Sports Assoc.). A bit nervous, don't quite know what to expect... will be interesting though.

Looked through some old pics last night, found one taken exactly 3 years ago. Good and a bad memory at the same time, if that makes sense. Good evening, felt like sh*t.

Anyway, hope your week was OK!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend over :-(

Boo, it's Sunday night again.... always depresses me. Had a great weekend though. Friday evening we had supper at home with Malcolm who is leaving for Australia soon. Yesterday morning I replanted one of the plants in my garden... it wasn't doing so well where it was, hopefully it'll grow better now! Also went to a baby shower and then a braai and watched rugby with good friends at their new place! Only got home at 2am this morning!

We had a slow start today, Chris made us some nice breakfast. Then we went to visit more friends on the Vaal River (about 45 min drive from JHB) where we had a picnic on the river bank and also a swim! (Not in the river though, in a pool!). It was extremely hot... about 38 degrees C! So rather tired tonight, but being with friends and doing fun stuff energises me, so it's good type of tired :-) not the same as work-tired!

Hopefully this week at work will be slightly less intense than last week, can do with some breathing space! At least my sister is landing on Sat and visiting for 10 days! It'll be the first time she sees our little house, can't wait!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Been married for 3 months today!

What I wouldn't give to re-live that night! And the week following our wedding day! Only realised it late this afternoon, but we did spend the whole day together on our own :-) Did some grocery shopping this morning, relaxed, made some prego rolls for lunch, played some Monopoly and pruned our tree again.

In 2 weeks time my sister's here!!!! She got her exam results back on Friday and did REALLY well, so proud of her!! Can't wait for her visit, going to be great.

Expecting a crazy week at work again, but what's new? Wish I had some leave to take over Christmas :-/ I doubt if I have anything left for the year, but will have to check to make sure. Wish I had the type of job (like a teacher), where I had more holidays!

Have also started to look for sponsors for the WTG next year... Big job! We should hopefully also have a successfull fundraiser here in Gauteng (province of which Johannesburg is the biggest city, but I think Pretoria is the capital?)

Oh, also read on Facebook today that the longest double-lung transplant survivour is 26 years and going. Apparently there were a few individuals who passed that mark, but passed away since. So the lady who is 26 years post tx (in the States somewhere) is now the longest post tx survivour. Very inspiring!!!!!

Sorry this post has been a bit rondom and ADD-like, just had some thoughts to share.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check-up report back

3-monthly check up went OK. Lungies still good, 103% FEV1%. Bloods were ALL good (and I had a lot done, kidney, liver functions, full blood counts, prograf levels, CMV etc) EXCEPT the glucose one, as I suspected too high. Problem seems to be my insulin dosages (too much long acting too little short acting) and not enough structured meals. So going to have to see a diabetic dietician to sort it out, which is a relief actually. Also took my wedding album with to show to the nurses and other staff!

Thank goodness the week is halfway at least, would be great if it got better from here. No specific plans for the weekend yet, which is fine.

Hope your week's been OK!