Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check-up report back

3-monthly check up went OK. Lungies still good, 103% FEV1%. Bloods were ALL good (and I had a lot done, kidney, liver functions, full blood counts, prograf levels, CMV etc) EXCEPT the glucose one, as I suspected too high. Problem seems to be my insulin dosages (too much long acting too little short acting) and not enough structured meals. So going to have to see a diabetic dietician to sort it out, which is a relief actually. Also took my wedding album with to show to the nurses and other staff!

Thank goodness the week is halfway at least, would be great if it got better from here. No specific plans for the weekend yet, which is fine.

Hope your week's been OK!

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear your lungs are still working well Alice! The insulin and H1C will work itself out - sounds like you're on the right track!

Kim in Canada