Sunday, November 7, 2010

Been married for 3 months today!

What I wouldn't give to re-live that night! And the week following our wedding day! Only realised it late this afternoon, but we did spend the whole day together on our own :-) Did some grocery shopping this morning, relaxed, made some prego rolls for lunch, played some Monopoly and pruned our tree again.

In 2 weeks time my sister's here!!!! She got her exam results back on Friday and did REALLY well, so proud of her!! Can't wait for her visit, going to be great.

Expecting a crazy week at work again, but what's new? Wish I had some leave to take over Christmas :-/ I doubt if I have anything left for the year, but will have to check to make sure. Wish I had the type of job (like a teacher), where I had more holidays!

Have also started to look for sponsors for the WTG next year... Big job! We should hopefully also have a successfull fundraiser here in Gauteng (province of which Johannesburg is the biggest city, but I think Pretoria is the capital?)

Oh, also read on Facebook today that the longest double-lung transplant survivour is 26 years and going. Apparently there were a few individuals who passed that mark, but passed away since. So the lady who is 26 years post tx (in the States somewhere) is now the longest post tx survivour. Very inspiring!!!!!

Sorry this post has been a bit rondom and ADD-like, just had some thoughts to share.

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Anonymous said...

26 years post transplant sounds wonderful but I just wonder what strides will be made to make that number grown even much longer! We are living in a time of many medical miracles!

You are in inspiration to all who read your blog.

San Diego, CA