Sunday, November 24, 2013

GREAT weekend!

So instead of having a quiet weekend we had a very busy one!! But it was awesome and at least I relaxed. Yesterday we went to the Hartbeespoort Dam cableway. Very cool and great views. We had pizza and ice cream up there. Afterwards we went to swim at a friend of a friend's house, and had supper till 00:45 in the morning with other friends!

This morning we went to the Fourways Farmers Market which was very nice, will def go there again. Dogs are allowed there so my friend from university Brendan brought his 2 spaniel pups along... they are soooo cute. And I managed to squeeze in a gym session this afternoon so that's good.

Hopefully the week will be a good one too!!



Friday, November 22, 2013

Save Seven Lives Walk on 7 Dec!!! Please take part!!!!!!

5 years 10 months

Survived another crazy week and finished those reports that were due yesterday in time (after working for like 12 hours straight yesterday ...ugh). SOOO tired today! Looking forward to a good night's sleep! Went to gym as well today but it was a case of Alice - 0, Gym - 1.

Had some great rain too this week, which is awesome for the stuff I planted on Sunday. Tomorrow we're going to Hartebeespoort Dam with some friends to try out the cable car, and spending time with other friends of ours who had a baby recently in the evening. No plans for Sunday yet.

Oh and as you can deduct from the title it's 5 years 10 months with the breathers today, just another 2 months before we celebrate properly again!!! Not much other news!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where has the year gone????

I can't believe it's 19 November already!!! A year today ago I returned to work after my Nissen Funduplication surgery. Right now I'm trying to survive the coming month... need to survive the following before 13 Dec (when I fly down to PE):

  • 3 reports due at work this Thursday
  • Photopheresis on the 27th and 11 Dec
  • 5 days of month-end mayhem for the first 5 days of December,
  • Bloods and x-rays on 7 Dec
  • Organ Donor Foundation's 5km Walk and SATSA (SA Transplant Sports Assoc) AGM on Sat the 7th of Dec
  • Dr's visit and lung function on 9 December
  • Psychiatrist appointment on 12 Dec
  • A few year-end functions for work and cell-group from church
Out of all of these work is stressing me out the most! At least something good as well.... on 7 Dec (along with the bloods, x-rays, 5km walk and AGM) we're getting another KITTY!!!!! His name is Pumpkin... see pics below! He will be 9 weeks old then. SO EXCITED!

Gym has been better this week, however with the way work is going I'm not sure how often I'll get to go in the next 3-4 weeks... will have to be disciplined!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013


This week has been VERY productive...
  • went to gym twice
  • saw vascular surgeon and got good news there
  • supper out with friends
  • after lots of fighting with medical and Dr's rooms photopheresis for the next 6 months has been approved
  • had the first of these 12 new sessions yesterday and all went well, no issues. They're going to be using my arms for now and avoid the groin as it's less invasive, less risky, and I can gym again the next day instead of having to wait for 5 days.
  • met a fellow-CF'er and her mom... she is facing transplant and was great chatting to them.
Don't have TOO much planned for this weekend, my car is going in for a service tomorrow, want to go to gym again, and on Sunday we're having a mini school reunion!! Five school friends who all live in JHB now are meeting with our partners/kids for an afternoon of coffee and cake! Should be GREAT, haven't seen 2 of them since school... so it's 11 years!

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Draining week of victories...

Victory nr 1... I can stop Warferin, the blood thinning med that makes me bruise like crazy and requires weekly blood draws! YAY!!!
Victory nr 2... photopheresis for another 6 months approved after many phonecalls and frustration. Starting TOMORROW!!
For the rest it there has been one gym session and supper out with friends last night.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Still stable!

Lungs still stable, thank goodness!!!!! FEV1% down 1%, FVC (volume) up 2%, so all in all the same. Was so scared as gym was sooo hard last week. Clearly just my fitness I need to work on. Month-end at work was very tough, worked very long hours. Really need this weekend!!!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fun in the sun!

Weekend was great, the highlight no doubt being Brendan's 30th birthday party... had so much fun, just unfortunately hurt my ribs when I fell out of a hammock?!?!. Work team-build was also not too bad. Felt like mini-road trip, and had lunch with parents today which is always yummy. This week is going to be tough with month-end and on Friday stressful Dr's appointment and waiting for Discovery to approve photopheresis. Eeeekkkk