Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where has the year gone????

I can't believe it's 19 November already!!! A year today ago I returned to work after my Nissen Funduplication surgery. Right now I'm trying to survive the coming month... need to survive the following before 13 Dec (when I fly down to PE):

  • 3 reports due at work this Thursday
  • Photopheresis on the 27th and 11 Dec
  • 5 days of month-end mayhem for the first 5 days of December,
  • Bloods and x-rays on 7 Dec
  • Organ Donor Foundation's 5km Walk and SATSA (SA Transplant Sports Assoc) AGM on Sat the 7th of Dec
  • Dr's visit and lung function on 9 December
  • Psychiatrist appointment on 12 Dec
  • A few year-end functions for work and cell-group from church
Out of all of these work is stressing me out the most! At least something good as well.... on 7 Dec (along with the bloods, x-rays, 5km walk and AGM) we're getting another KITTY!!!!! His name is Pumpkin... see pics below! He will be 9 weeks old then. SO EXCITED!

Gym has been better this week, however with the way work is going I'm not sure how often I'll get to go in the next 3-4 weeks... will have to be disciplined!!!

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