Friday, November 22, 2013

5 years 10 months

Survived another crazy week and finished those reports that were due yesterday in time (after working for like 12 hours straight yesterday ...ugh). SOOO tired today! Looking forward to a good night's sleep! Went to gym as well today but it was a case of Alice - 0, Gym - 1.

Had some great rain too this week, which is awesome for the stuff I planted on Sunday. Tomorrow we're going to Hartebeespoort Dam with some friends to try out the cable car, and spending time with other friends of ours who had a baby recently in the evening. No plans for Sunday yet.

Oh and as you can deduct from the title it's 5 years 10 months with the breathers today, just another 2 months before we celebrate properly again!!! Not much other news!

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