Tuesday, January 21, 2014

6 YEARS!!!!

Tonight 6 years ago I got the call for new lungs. Tomorrow on 22.01.2014 is my 6th lungaversary! Wow... what a great ride it's been. If you follow this blog then there's no need to tell you! I will be thinking of my donor's family tonight  and get ready for photopheresis tomorrow. My gratefulness cup is running over :-) And hoping there is still going to be many lungaversaries.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 sleeps to go!

Another busy week survived! I know all my weeks are busy but Jan is especially busy. This week the auditors will be at work so last week was rather busy preparing for that plus managed to get to gym twice at least. Apart from the auditors this week it's also photopheresis on Wednesday AND gynae on Friday. Lungaversary will also be on Wednesday (will have to take some cake!) but we will celebrate next weekend. And then it's almost month-end again! The rat-race never stops...

This weekend was nice at least... VERY hot at the moment but managed to spend some time at a friend's pool at least. Also helped my sis and Pierre with some final touches to their flat, and did grocery shopping and parentals were here for lunch today. So nothing exciting but it was fun. On Friday night we went out for steak and I had a Mexican Rump.... YUMMY!!!

Let's hope this week is successful! And that I

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Good weekend

Had a good weekend, took kitty for a vaccination, chilled with my sis and had a GREAT time at my friend Brendan's new house (involving a bit too much alcohol!). Today we cleaned out my dad's flat into which my sis and Pierre will be moving on Tuesday/ Wednesday. So yeah... good weekend and ready for the week.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Survived the week!!

Tough week = survived! Photo was fine yesterday... once the line was in... getting to that point however was a bit of hell. They couldn't fine a co-operating vein in my arm or hand, so eventually I begged for a femoral (groin) line. That was much better even though it's more risky and means 5 days of no gym afterwards. Hopefully by my next session, which will be on my 6 year lungaversary, arm has healed...

Work's deadlines were also met... so even though it wasn't a great week it was successful. One of my old friends from PE bought a new house in JHB, so tomorrow is the housewarming!! Can't wait to see everyone who went away on holiday again! Jozi was quiet without them. Hoping the weekend will be way better than the week was.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lung Function results

So my hectic week started with a slight change of plan... Dr's appointment was yesterday instead of Friday. At least I didn't have to spend the week stressing about it I guess. Result - same as last few months... down a tiny bit just to prevent me from being less worried, because that can't be allowed obviously *sigh*. FEV1% and FVC% was down by 1%, to 62% and 99% respectively. Dr says it's no change. So since photopheresis started in August FVC (capacity) has stayed the same and FEV1% has gone from 69% to 62%. So deterioration has slowed down and photopheresis still seen as "successful", even though I hoped for an increase in lung function and not this "kind-of| stability. But it could have been a lot worse as I've seen from other facebook friends who had much worse results after photo than me and are either heading towards second transplants or have already had second .

Tomorrow is the last day of month-end and also the most crazy. If I survive that the worst of my week is over. And of course Thursday is session #17 of the photo. My sis will be coming with me again and hopefully my favourite nurse is back, she was sick last time.

Then it's weekend, YAY!!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hectic week ahead

2014 has been uneventful thusfar, but that might change this week. Work-wise things will hit a peak on Wednesday with month-end coming to an end, so rather nervous for that. Thursday is photopheresis again and Friday is lung functions... And somewhere in between all of that I would love to squash in some gym.

The weekend has been productive... we had guests stay over on Friday night, did a LOT of cleaning in the house, 5 loads of laundry, went for bloods for Friday's appointment, did some work and went to gym. So nothing majorly exciting but all necessary!

Tomorrow traffic and everything should also be back in full swing as most people who were on holiday will be back.... holding out til my holiday in April! 3 weeks of bliss...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We had a good New Years Eve... even though my sis and I passed out at 10h30ish! Don't see the need in forcing myself to stay awake when I don't feel like it. Today I went to gym at least (and I did on Monday), so starting the year right... YAY.