Friday, January 10, 2014

Survived the week!!

Tough week = survived! Photo was fine yesterday... once the line was in... getting to that point however was a bit of hell. They couldn't fine a co-operating vein in my arm or hand, so eventually I begged for a femoral (groin) line. That was much better even though it's more risky and means 5 days of no gym afterwards. Hopefully by my next session, which will be on my 6 year lungaversary, arm has healed...

Work's deadlines were also met... so even though it wasn't a great week it was successful. One of my old friends from PE bought a new house in JHB, so tomorrow is the housewarming!! Can't wait to see everyone who went away on holiday again! Jozi was quiet without them. Hoping the weekend will be way better than the week was.

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