Sunday, August 29, 2010

last day tomorrow of being 25!

My good friend Bree in Canada just turned 25 and now it's my second last day of being 25... must say it was without a doubt the best year of my life so far. I think all my lung functions were over 100%, got engaged, got married, bought a house, bought furniture, moved in with Chris. Just a grweat year in all aspects. Except for all the friends lost. Was just saying to Chris today I miss Landi. A lot reminds me of her.

Had a good day today, not so much yesterday. I manned a stall for the organ donor foundation at a church ladies conference from 9h00 - 15h00 yesterday, and it was such a waste of time. They just weren't interested, and only 4 people signed the register... in 6 hours. My weekend time off is so precious and to have wasted it in this way just upset me... and people's ignorance and stupidity. At least today was great, it was 30 degrees C, and we did some more shopping for the house (last weekend put us a bit behind with the geyser stuff. (ceiling in bedroom still not fixed, HOPEFULLY this week, everything is happening so slowly). Had a friend over for coffee and just chilled.

Wishing this week away (well the work bits, not the evenings), planning some cool stuff for next weekend! Have a good week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 years 7 month today!!!!!!

And married for 15 days today :-) Wow, been a while since I wrote something. Firstly, wedding was AWESOME. It truly was the best afternoon/evening of my life (morning was a but crazy, just running around!!!!) The weather was perfect, I felt like a princes, it was awesome having friends and fam from so far away there... and everyone ENJOYED it!!! Most people stayed right to the end when the music stopped, and the dance floor was always busy, and the food was WONDERFUL and and and... I really COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER WEDDING DAY.

The honeymoon was also GREAT, just too short :-( The first night we slept in the hotel, they gave us VERY nice room, and had lovely biffet breakfast the next morning overlooking the ocean! Then we went to buy some snacks, and off to storms river! It was quite cold there, as we hit a cold front, and rained almost the whole time, but we didn't really care, it just made it more cosy :-) Spent 2 nights there before we went on to Knysna, we we stayed in amazing accommodation and the weather was perfect! Will be posting some honeymoon pics soon... After another 2 nights and awesome days there, we drive back to be where I spent the last night ever in the house I grew up in, which was quite sad. Then we returned to JHB in a VERY PACKED CAR!!!! Arrived back at 17h00 last Friday and ever since it's been back to the rat race.... :-(

Setting up house has been so much fun... except that on Friday afternoon our Geyser's pressure value basically exploded leaving us without a ceiling in our bedroom and the whole room under water... and with brand new bedding soaked and dirty as hell from crap that was in the roof... new books that I got soaked, some clothes soaked and dirty... so this weekend's almost entirely consisted of doing laundry, mopping up water, vacuuming up water, cleaning, washing dirt of the wall and cupboards in our room... not much fun... at least we also managed to play squash twice, go see the New Zealand VS SA legendary rugby game at Soccer City (where the Soccer World Cup Final was played), which was very cool, and have supper with friends.

Last week @ work was really stressful and busy, trying to catch up etc. At least I managed to get a TV slot in :-) Because August is organ donor month here in SA, they asked me to be part of an interview for a few minutes in Wednesday morning, which was very cool.

Off to bed now, not looking forward to work tomorrow, and hopefully next weekend we can sleep in our own bed again (right now we're sleeping on 2 little single bed mattresses in our study...) Have a good week~!