Wednesday, August 31, 2011

27 today!

Wow 30 is creeping up on me! We went away for the weekend to a hotel in Limpopo Province with 2 friends which was very relaxing. Weather turning into summer which is awesome too. This evening Chris took me out for some ribe which was YUMMY. Also had 3-month Dr check-up yesterday and got a clean bill of health so to speak :-) All bloods and lung functions were normal :-) Awesome birthday present!!! Not much other news, work hectic, kitties cute, all good!

Monday, August 22, 2011

3 years 7 months!

Another month has FLOWN by! Some months the only reason I realise it's another anniversary day, is because Chris has a reminder on his phone! Had another awesome weekend... brunch at Salvation Cafe, Watching rugby and braai at our place, went to the Polo on Sunday... Pretty awesome!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Article in newspaper and another good weekend.

Check out this article:, it was published on Thursday for Organ Donation Awareness month.

Weekend has been good. Friday night we just stayed in. Saturday we drove away all the garden refuse we created in my little car, and then cleaned the car! So garden is a lot closer to being ready for summer! We went to friends place to watch the rugby last night, and ended up staying out until 3am! So only got to bed at 3h30, slept rather badly and was up again at 8h30, so feeling a bit tender today! The result of tiredness and a little too much to drink :-) Today we had lunch at my parents place and didn't do much else! Will be going to bed early...

Really hope to get to gym 3 times this week, only made it once last week (routine was a bit messed up my public holiday we had on Tuesday). At least the gardening was some exercise, felt quite stiff the next day. And Friday is payday so this week needs to go by FAST!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today a year ago was the best day of my life, my wedding day! Wish we could re-live the day, it really was AWESOME. Our anniversary weekend has been pretty great. Friday night we went out with another couple to see Captain America in 3D, which was quite good even though it's not normally my type of movie. Yesterday we had a relaxing day at home, with a wedding in the evening! Rather romantic going to a wedding the day before your anniversary! Today we slept in a tiny bit (as much as the kitties allow), then Chris made us a YUMMY breakfast. Had tea at my parents place, and then went to my favourite garden centre where we got 4 plants for the garden and grass seeds, soil and pruning implements. In a month's time or so we'll do the grass, just waiting for spring to start! Afterwards we had lunch there. Feeling very blessed today!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


One of my favourite months, and even more so in recent years! Firstly, it's my birthday on the 31st!!!! Secondly, in Joburg, August marks the end of winter. Some people say's it's windy (those people didn't grow up in Port Elizabeth), but temperatures start rising and by the end of the month some new leaves start popping out! ALSO, it's the month of our wedding anniversary, of which we will celebrate the very first one this weekend! So all in all a good month.

Past weekend was great, found my sis a wedding dress, yay! She is going to look absolutely stunning! Also saw some friends, spent time with family, did some shopping... Gym has also been going well, haven't been to another class yet though. Hopefully next week. Not much other news... enjoy the rest of your week!