Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today a year ago was the best day of my life, my wedding day! Wish we could re-live the day, it really was AWESOME. Our anniversary weekend has been pretty great. Friday night we went out with another couple to see Captain America in 3D, which was quite good even though it's not normally my type of movie. Yesterday we had a relaxing day at home, with a wedding in the evening! Rather romantic going to a wedding the day before your anniversary! Today we slept in a tiny bit (as much as the kitties allow), then Chris made us a YUMMY breakfast. Had tea at my parents place, and then went to my favourite garden centre where we got 4 plants for the garden and grass seeds, soil and pruning implements. In a month's time or so we'll do the grass, just waiting for spring to start! Afterwards we had lunch there. Feeling very blessed today!


Amy said...

awwwwwwwwww congratulations!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali. Congrats again to you and Chris! Also have just watched the you tube link with the invite to the 2013 games. It is awesome. Am sooo impressed. AS x