Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last year's New Years Resolutions were:

  • Win at least 1 medal in the WTG in Durban Won a gold and silver... so yay

  • Keep lung function above 95% (FEV1%) Not even close.... ended 2013 on 63% :-(

  • Some financial ones Failed... oops

  • Try to do more to raise awareness on organ donation/ help out the ODF So-so, I helped out when they asked me to and unfortunately their Gauteng office closed down which is very sad.

  • Do a 10 km race Did 2 of them (ran and walked).

  • So as you may have noticed it wasn't a great year health-wise. Without a doubt the worst since my transplant. I don't think my lung function will improve in 2014 but if it could just stop dropping and if I can carry on with the photopheresis I'll be happy as hell. It will definitely be the most uncertain year for me since transplant too. Work-wise I would like to work and stress less than I did in 2013 and have more time for gym, as it's more important right now. Also very much looking forward to our holiday in April... I will have 3 weeks off which will include a week in Mapungubwe close to Botswana. It will also be great having my sis and Pierre in the same city....

    So in having said that, the only resolution for 2014 is NEVER GIVE UP.

    P.S. In other news... I got a tattoo 2 weeks ago to celebrate 6 years post transplant and surviving 2013... I will be judged for it and I'm sure a lot of people won't like it but I love it and I don't really care much what others think of it (it was done by a paramedic and VERY VERY hygienically so my health was not at risk). My donor's son had a beautiful huge tattoo done to honour his mother and I sent him a picture of mine and he loved it. His one included the date 21.01.2008, so I feel like mine is a continuation of his. I'm sure I don't need to explain the obvious metaphors!

    So there you go folks... please keep on following this blog!

    Thursday, December 26, 2013

    Boxing Day Pics

    My sis and I went to Sandton City early this morning to get to some of the sales early! It was pretty successful at least! Will have to go back though, the one shop's system was down and they were still busy marking down the items. Afterwards we had lunch with my sister's in-laws and my grandparents, very yummy food yet again!

    Oh, and a good facebook/blog CF friend of mine, Piper, got her SECOND double lung transplant yesterday on Christmas!!!! Soooo excited for her, her blog is featured on mine on the side panel, it's called "A matter of life and Breath" A real Christmas miracle.

    Wednesday, December 25, 2013

    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2013

    My 6th "bonus" Christmas!!! Assuming I wouldn't have seen Xmas 2008...  It hasn't been feeling too much like Christmas with me working (apart from the 3 days off last week). But Christmas Eve and Christmas Day today was nice! And tomorrow there will be 13 family members at my parents' house celebrating Christmas again on Boxing Day! There will also be more celebrations on the weekend so lots of eating and fun (and photopheresis) to come still! My mom's parents are also here so that's also very special and I also need to mention the cool gift I got from Antoinette that she made! (last pic)

    Sunday, December 22, 2013

    5 years 11 months

    I mentioned in my previous post that I got to see a university friend from PE who was up in Joburg... here are some pics... on Wednesday my friend Andrew hosted a Christmassy/birthday party for everyone who turned 30 in the last few weeks. It was great fun,

    On Wednesday went out to an Italian spot and had yummy Pimms and Pizza, great combination :-) I LOVE my friends.... Antoinette, Ditha, Louzanne, Carli, Jo-mari, Brendan, Andrew, Daniel...they are just so awesome (hope I didn't leave anyone out!), just a pity only 2 of them stay in Jozi :-( I miss the others SO MUCH.... they've been with me through thick and thin and if there is going to be thin times approaching in 2014, I wish they were all here!!

    Friday, December 20, 2013

    The mini-break...

    So my mini break was great, but just TOO SHORT. We were so busy I came back pretty exhausted from the packing and other activities! As you can see I've posted pics of the main events in posts below. All of which were awesome. Don't think they need explaining. Have added some more photo's below of where we slept on Saturday eve in Storms River Village.

    We arrived back on Wed eve, and due to an old university friend visiting Joburg I went out Wednesday and Thursday nights. So that plus work and not sleeping well have resulted in a TIRED Alice. Going to bed early tonight with a strong sleeping pill, so hopefully I'll feel more rested tomorrow.

    My grandparents are arriving this weekend, and will be helping my sis with the last of her xmas shopping and doing some domestic things around the house. Next week will result in 2 crazy days at work, 2 days holiday and photopheresis on Friday. Hopefully I'll manage to get some rest in SOMEWHERE...


    Storms River Mouth