Sunday, December 8, 2013


Seems like I'm in a habit of posting on Sundays only now, but the weeks are just SO BUSY! Big news for the week is.... WE GOT OUR KITTY PUMPKIN!!!! He is such a sweet and brave little one. When the bigger cats hiss at him he just hisses right back! He is EXTREMELY playful and just SO DAMN CUTE. Our Christmas pressie...

This weekend I also did the 5km Organ Donor Foundation walk at the zoo, we had the SA Transplant Sports AGM, I had lunch with Jessica today to celebrate her 1 year lungaversary and had a friend stay with us for the weekend... so busy times!

The past week at work was pretty gruelling.... and traffic was HORRIBLE. Did manage to get to gym twice at least but hoping the pace of things will slow down a little bit for the rest of Dec... can't keep going at this current rate and not burn out!

Tomorrow is lung check-up again, Tuesday is photopheresis and Thursday I see the pshycologist. Also need to get some quarterly reports done and Friday I fly down to PE for a short break with my sis! So hoping for a successful week before my mini-break. Will report back on the lung function later in the week!

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