Sunday, December 1, 2013


December is here at last!!!!!! After a pretty crap year, yay!!!! This week is going to be hell at work but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel! This past week has been fine, photopheresis went fine... once the needles were in! Getting the big needle in was a different story... UGH, let's just say I am BRUISED again :-( Thursday I went for an impulsive hair appointment and had hair dyed! The pic doesn't show the colour accurately but it's got more red in. They also straightened it which looks really nice but IMPOSSIBLE for me to maintain... starts curling again after like an hour! But fine for special occasions :-)

We also went to watch The Nutcracker ballet on Friday eve... it was my first ballet and I enjoyed it A LOT. I've known the music since I was at school and it was so nice to finally see the "big picture". Very cool. Yesterday we had lunch with friends that are moving down to PE for the last time... we will miss them and their CUTE twin boys so much! But at least my sis and Pierre also drove up yesterday and Pierre is starting work on Monday so he has officially moved up to Jozi now.

My sis drove up with him yesterday and flew back today... so we had lunch at my parents place today and just came back from dropping my sis off at the airport. But at least in 2 weeks time I'll be there in PE with her packing up the last of their stuff! And next weekend we get the kitty! YAY!!!!!!!

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