Sunday, December 22, 2013

5 years 11 months

I mentioned in my previous post that I got to see a university friend from PE who was up in Joburg... here are some pics... on Wednesday my friend Andrew hosted a Christmassy/birthday party for everyone who turned 30 in the last few weeks. It was great fun,

On Wednesday went out to an Italian spot and had yummy Pimms and Pizza, great combination :-) I LOVE my friends.... Antoinette, Ditha, Louzanne, Carli, Jo-mari, Brendan, Andrew, Daniel...they are just so awesome (hope I didn't leave anyone out!), just a pity only 2 of them stay in Jozi :-( I miss the others SO MUCH.... they've been with me through thick and thin and if there is going to be thin times approaching in 2014, I wish they were all here!!

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