Sunday, July 15, 2012


So I did get a call later on Thursday evening and the preliminary results were no rejection :-) Praise the Lord! Dr said it was unlikely to change, and I haven't heard anything since so I'm assuming nothing changed. Have to see the surgeon for follow up on Tuesday so so will definitely get the full report then. Hopefully everything can return to normal after that.

It's been great having my sis here. On Friday evening we went to see the movie Fly Fishing in Yemen, very cute love story!!!! Yesterday morning we went shopping in Sandton and got some awesome sale specials! Had lunch at my parents house and in the afternoon my sis and I chilled at our house for a bit. Last night we went to see a comedy show called Mass-Hysteria at Montecasino and went for burgers before the show. The show consisted of 8 comediants each doing their set. Was pretty funny and made for good evening out.

This weekend has also been FREEZING. Right now it's 9:29am and 2 degrees C outside! (and not much warmer inside cos we don't have central heating). Having lunch at parents house again today. Was also planning on going to gym this afternoon, but with the weather being so crap (freezing AND windy) what are the chances of me actually going? I'll just pretend like it's for my health's sake (sweaty body plus freezing wind when you get out of the gym = bad combination) and not like I'm just lazy!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

biopsy - check, lungfunction - check, status = waiting

Yesterday was the "long" awaited follow up bronch. Went fine, no issues. Lip very sore today (they must have accidently cut it open on inside) and throat a bit tender. Lungfunction on Tuesday was 101% FEV1 and 116% FVC (Forced Vital Capacity) but the FEV 25-75% number down a bit. Dr said I shouldn't worry too much about it. So now the big wait for the results! With last biopsy I had the results by now, so the fact that I don't have it yet is hopefully good sign.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One week to go...

before my biopsy! Really "looking forward" to it.Also going for lung function the day before. Can't wait to get results back and put mind at rest, although am stressing a lot less these last 2 weeks than before. Feel like my "old self" and gym is going really well. Been doing 40 mins of treadmill instead of the normal 20 mins (run and walk) along with weights and stretching. Also going 3/4 times a week religiously and no slacking! Prednisone (steroids) is also back to my normal dosage and the only permanent change in meds after this episode is that I now take my med for heartburn twice a day instead of only once. Nationals only 6 weeks away and looking forward to the mini-break that goes with it.

Another reason I'm looking forward to biopsy is that my sis is coming up for a long-weekend the day afterwards! Feels like a long time since I've seen her but it's actually less than 2 months ago. Guess it just feels longer because I miss her! Will be going to a massive comedy event on the Sat night so that's going to be awesome.

Lots to look forward to!