Friday, May 26, 2017

Bucket-list item... craving a swim in the sea

So I haven't been on the beach in my bikini since early Dec 2014 (and that was just one day in Cape Town... not a beach holiday). Before that was in April 2013 in PE (also only one day swimming in the sea, 2 days on the beach) ... and that's the last time I swam in the sea. To say I miss it is an understatement. I regret not making more of an effort to get to the sea in these last few years while my lungs have been slowly fading away. Unfortunately leave from work was limited, and we maximised that time by going to San Fran and other "bush" holidays not involving the beach.

As soon as I'm able to one day, I think a trip to the Durban-side of the world will be in order... only a 6 hour drive away and the sea is nice and warm. I used to go to the beach almost daily growing up in summer. There is nothing like the sound of the beach... the feeling of coming up after the first time you dunk your whole body under the waves. Collapsing down on your towel breathless (because you exercised, not because you put on a pair of skinny jeans) after a long time playing in the waves, feeling the sun beat down on you. Obviously now I'm older and wiser and immune suppressed so unlike trying to tan as a teen, I will be lathered in SPF 50! There is also is certain type of appetite that only a few hours in the sun, sand and sea invokes. We always scoffed down cookies and tea, biltong or Salticrax when we were back home, after taking a bath to get all the sand off!

These pics are all from the last beach visit in Dec 2014. I did get rather out of breath but nothing like I would now (right now I would collapse and drown as soon as one wave hits me LOL).

Monday, May 22, 2017

Lungaversary Day and sick :-(

Today marks 9 years 4 months of my life with the lungs!!! Unfortunately I'm celebrating on the couch, surrounded by snotty tissues, a head that wants to explode and a runny nose that is not compatible with a nasal O2 cannula. I have a cold :-( Woke up sick yesterday morning. Really annoying and making feel even more short of breath. Hoping this goes away quickly and doesn't turn into something worse.

Last week was filled with nephew-love and raising some more organ donation awareness. Fawn and I gave a talk at Netcare Unitas hospital to a bunch of Emergency Medical Services people. It went really well and we had a great evening. Apart from that it was just the usual... got to see Adriaan quite a bit, it literally feels like he grows every day! Love the little man so much! Unfortunately now that I'm sick I will have to stay away for a bit :-(

Thought of some more bucket-list things I need to do once I can breathe properly again one day... (So far I've only mentioned going to New York on my blog) I didn't suddenly think of them all this week, but I think it's a good idea to write them down so that I can find it again in future!
  • See more of Europe (I've only been to Sweden)
  • Go to Storms River Mouth again and do all the trails (We were there in Sept last year but I couldn't even make it to the suspension bridge).
  • Represent SA in squash at another World Transplant Games... 2019 in Newcastle would be great!
  • Run more
  • Do spinning more regularly... I only did a spinning class about 10 times, but I really enjoyed it and would love to do it more regularly. Not a cycling fan per se, but the intensity combined with the music was great!

I shall be thinking of more items for this list! Send me some ideas or recommendations!

P.S. Shaylene and I were also in the Saturday Star last week, if you want to read the article click here.

Friday, May 12, 2017

May running away and upsetting movie "Bypass"

This month is running away with me!!! It's been so busy that I haven't even had time to blog! That's a very good thing I think... can't be sitting around doing nothing the whole day. Last week was filled with family! Spent quite a lot of time with my aunt Annelie, grandmother, mom, Chrislie and Adriaan! It was super seeing Annelie and my gran again. Also pretty special to have four generations chilling together. (I'm not sure how my sis managed to escape all these photo's???)

We've also been quite busy with LLGL... Had a photo shoot last Sat for something that we're working on, and on Weds we attended the premiere of the new local movie about organ trafficking that opens at cinema's today, "Bypass". I was really rather upset by the movie, as it portrays organ donation in SUCH a bad light. They basically show poor people in Africa being hunted for their organs to transplant to rich tourists. The movie itself is not badly done, it's just the message regarding organ donation that is SO DAMAGING in our society where less than 2% of the population are registered as organ donors, and the public is riddled with misconception already. They also state that it's based on true events! I'm not aware that anyone in this country has EVER been killed for their organs! So WTF??? The damage that this movie could do was illustrated by someone who attended the premiere commenting "And this is why I will never be an organ donor" when we left the theatre.

We spoke to various people involved in the film afterwards, and they said that the movie should make people aware of the shortage of donors... while that is true to an extent, I feel that the horrible scenes of them throwing a young girl in a van in order to harvest her heart after they found her blood group info in a local clinic, will be remembered by a viewer much more than the so-called "moral" of the story. We posted our review of the movie on our Facebook Page, so check it out if you want to... (Also, please "Like" our page if you haven't yet!) I'm adding the trailer of the movie below, as it might give you an insight as to why we were so offended by it. If you have seen the movie please comment and let me know what your thoughts are!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Pretty good week all things considered and MAY!

Seems like Monday blogging is my thing now! And MAY has arrived! Can definitely feel it in the weather. Health was a bit better this week. Maybe due to the increased cortisone. Just taking it one week at a time.

So the highlight of the week was going to the "Kamers/Makers" exhibition/fair/event on Thursday with my sis. Pierre took care of Adriaan, so Chrislie and I had an outing by ourselves! The only (and very) limiting factor was the battery life of my portable oxygen concentrator, I tried to keep the setting as low as possible to get the max time out of the visit. Did fairly well I think. It took place at a fancy Boys' School, St John's College. The place is beautiful! I hope those boys realise how privileged they are to attend a school like that! Very happy to have finally seen it now.

It was also the first time that I used my "disability" sticker to get better parking. The time has come to put the feelings of pride/self-consciousness/ away and prioritising what I spend my energy on. Walking long distances in a parking lot is not always an option. If I only need to buy like 1 item at the shops and I have time on my side I don't mind walking far, but with an outing like this where I can't charge my oxygen and I'm a tight time limit then I can't afford to use so much energy just to get to the entrance. Anyways.... we had a great time and I bought 2 very cool items... the succulent container and the picture of a girl holding a cat! Love it!

Also had some friends over for a braai yesterday and finished crocheting my gloves (they didn't turn our great... my forearms are too fat and I had to improvise! But they will do their job.) Oh and Chris bought me some stunning orange and purple tulips! The orange ones opened up this morning so posted a pic of those. Tomorrow evening Annelie and my gran arrives!!! Very excited about that! Have a great week!