Friday, May 26, 2017

Bucket-list item... craving a swim in the sea

So I haven't been on the beach in my bikini since early Dec 2014 (and that was just one day in Cape Town... not a beach holiday). Before that was in April 2013 in PE (also only one day swimming in the sea, 2 days on the beach) ... and that's the last time I swam in the sea. To say I miss it is an understatement. I regret not making more of an effort to get to the sea in these last few years while my lungs have been slowly fading away. Unfortunately leave from work was limited, and we maximised that time by going to San Fran and other "bush" holidays not involving the beach.

As soon as I'm able to one day, I think a trip to the Durban-side of the world will be in order... only a 6 hour drive away and the sea is nice and warm. I used to go to the beach almost daily growing up in summer. There is nothing like the sound of the beach... the feeling of coming up after the first time you dunk your whole body under the waves. Collapsing down on your towel breathless (because you exercised, not because you put on a pair of skinny jeans) after a long time playing in the waves, feeling the sun beat down on you. Obviously now I'm older and wiser and immune suppressed so unlike trying to tan as a teen, I will be lathered in SPF 50! There is also is certain type of appetite that only a few hours in the sun, sand and sea invokes. We always scoffed down cookies and tea, biltong or Salticrax when we were back home, after taking a bath to get all the sand off!

These pics are all from the last beach visit in Dec 2014. I did get rather out of breath but nothing like I would now (right now I would collapse and drown as soon as one wave hits me LOL).

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Lapc Salinas said...

Beautiful pics of you at the seashore, Alice. Hope you get to go to the beach in the not-too-distant future.