Friday, July 31, 2009

Results and weekend ahead!!!

Biopsy results were fine, not cancerous, but will have to keep an eye on it. So all good for now in that department. *Phew*

Got my Australian Visa yesterday!!! My first one ever! Been to Botswana and England before, but didn’t need one for those places (yet). So it’s starting to feel more real now!!! Also getting my SA blazer this weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t really train this week with the biopsy site healing, but tomorrow it’s full steam ahead again!!!

My mom’s arriving late tonight, so have a busy day tomorrow, and on Sunday we’ll be going to Pretoria for lunch (braai) with my granddad. Also going to be doing some Organ Donor Foundation Volunteer work on Sat afternoon at Clearwater Mall. The Build a Bear branches have a promotion in August for Organ Donation Month, where you can buy a little heart for the bear and the proceeds go to the ODF or something like that. Chris and I are also seeing a show tonight with friends, Footloose. And having supper before the time, so that should be pretty cool!

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Biopsy went fine this morning, will get results on Friday. Weird to be an outpatient who just zipped in and out for a procedure and seeing all the other people taken to their wards :-) Wasn't stiff at all after the 8km walk on Sunday which is good. Hoping to be back at gym on Thursday.

My mom's coming up this weekend, which is going to be great!!! Haven't seen her since April. So it's going to be a BUSY weekend, just like I like them!

Nose rather snotty and I'm sneezing a lot, but don't have any other symptoms, so seems like it's sinus. The air is SOOOOO DRY here at the moment. Can't wait for some sea air next weekend! (next weekend is the long-weekend that Chris got us plane tickets to go to PE for!!!) Will also be celebrating my birthday with my PE friends while there.

That's all for now, will update after I get the test results!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1.5 years!!!!!!

So yesterday was 18 months! Was so busy I didn't even have time to blog. At least today was better. Have worked untill 7pm Monday and Tuesday night, went to gym and cell last night. At least today was a lot better, even had lunch!!! And tonight I'm going for steak with Chris and my dad!!! So the week's ending better at least. And will be toasting on lots LOTS more years!!!!

I wrote a while ago about a growth/bump that my gynae found... well it's being biopsied on Tuesday. Just to make sure it's nothing serious. More stressed about missing a day of work (with AUS coming up and missing LOTS of work then) that the actual biopsy, which should be quick.

It's also 30 days 'till the Games start!!!!! Very excited, although I don't think it's really sinking in yet!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend and exam!

So I passed my exam! Got 72 %, but it was harder than I though/hoped it would be! At least it's over and done with, now I can register for the next one :-/

Weekend was fine, nothing exciting, just chilled, bought some stuff for the Games (pillow for the plane, locks for baggage, an electrical plug-converter thing for the Oz sockets, and a backpack with space for my laptop for hand luggage that I got for half price!!!!!!) Athletics was rather tough on Sat morning, did a 2km timed walk, time was 17mins50secs, which is rather crappy, but I've tried my best, and just nor a race-walking person. Also my shoes are wrong, but borrowing proper shoes from a lady that trains with us and is my size (and has a lot of pairs!), so maybe that'll help. Next Sunday is the Discovery Walk the Talk where I'll be doing the 8km, so looking forward to that. Will be doing NORMAL walking, not race-walking, lol!

This week will be another thriller work-wise, but at least it's my 18 months-with-lungies on Wednesday :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alice + Chris = 9 months tomorrow!

The shirt is one that I got from Annelie who did the London marathon for CF fund-raising! Have worn it to gym twice now, and you can imagine how much attention the bright yellow attracts! Pretty cool :-)

Like the title says, tomorrow is our 9 month anniversary! It's a big one for me, as my previous relationship lasted only 9 months and a few days, so in a week's time or so C has officially been the longest boyfriend I've ever had! We'll probably go for a movie and supper tomorrow evening.

I'm ALSO writing my (first of a few) Registered Persons exam tomorrow... apparently you get your results immediately, which I hope will be the case! Have been on study leave for the past day-and-a-half, which was nice, and meant I could stay in bed a bit later this morning!!! Not too nervous, but keen to get it over with. Shouldn't be as hard as the Compliance Officer exam I wrote in March.

Have got athletics on Sat morning, which I'm not really looking forward to. Disliking the walking thing more and more. Much prefer running or something fast!!! It's just painfull, literally! It feels like it doesn't use my lungs to full capacity, my shins hurt when I do it, I have an urge to start jogging the whole time, and I CAN'T SEEM TO GO ANY FASTER!!!! So I'm REALLY looking forward to not having to do it anymore! BUT, at the same time it was my ticket to Oz, so it had it's purpose.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 month, 1 week and 1 day to the GAMES and AHA moments.

Just a short post…

I had 2 “aha-moments” in the past 3 days, which were both small things but so cool! Firstly, I’ve got a pair of really warm brown suede boots which I‘ve had since 2004 that I bought in the Lake Districts in England when my sister and I was on holiday there with Annelie and Bernie (aunt and uncle). However because I’ve always had NO calf muscles, they were so loose I could tuck jeans into them, and looked a bit weird if I wore them with a skirt because they were almost looked too big. Well on Sunday I wore them for the first time this winter, and they’re TIGHT AROUND MY CALVES! They fit like they’re supposed to now! Of course I’m hoping this is muscle and not just fat, lol!

The second one was this morning… I didn’t know what to wear, and eventually decided to try a nice button-up shirt I’ve also had since 2003, but only wore like 3 times because my chest was so enlarged because of difficulty breathing, it was way too tight. The buttons used to pull so tight that it looked like the shirt was too small for my boobs or something. Well I tried it on, already working on a plan B in my head, when I realized it FIT! Not just that, but it’s fitting perfectly, not tight AT ALL. I knew my chest was a bit smaller now, but hadn’t seen it this clearly yet :-)

So the week’s been off to a good start.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sorry about the lack of updating... like the title says, things have been hectic. Had the craziest week ever workwise, was so busy I felt like crying. So haven't been in the best of moods. Also had 2 Drs appointments, follow-up with gynae and the specialist surgeon guy. Gynae was happy and unless something goes wrong seeing her again in a year's time, yay. Surgeon guy couldn't really give me much to work with but hearing from him in the coming week, but no surgery will be neccessary. Oh, and also getting the Gardasil vaccinations against cervical cancer.

Training's been ok, been playing more squash lately, because it's much more fun than walking. Had athletics this morning and did a timed 1500m again... time was OK but not too great, could've done better. My dad's coming back from his 3 week holiday in PE tomorrow night, so Chris and I will be fetching him at the airport.

Last night was quite nice though, had supper with old varsity friend and Chris, and afterwards watched White Wedding, a South African movie which was really good. And got more than 8 hours sleep in, which was nice.

This week will be busy too, writing my exam on Friday, but have 1.5 days of Study leave at least. Although I will still be working from home a bit, but at least there's no traffic etc.

Going to a charity-type lunch function tomorrow, and will be studying and maybe playing some squash for the rest of the weekend... enjoy yours!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Luckily I don't HAVE a cold, I just AM cold!!! That might also be because it's 3:28am, but bottom line is I'm cold :-( I miss summer!!!!!!! And we don't have central heating in SA, so the only thing that helps is a plug-into-the-wall heater that takes forever to get the whole room warm, nevermind the entire (small) apartment. Ugh...

Been sleeping like a baby the whole week, because I've just been so busy, but woke up an hour ago and can't seem to fall back to sleep. Oh well, at least I don't have to get up at 5h45. Have athletics in the morning, but the rest of the people I train with are out of town, so I just have to do a 1500m timed walk on my own. I can do 1000m in 8 mins 8 seconds, which would mean I can do the 3000m (which is what I'm doing for the Games) in 24 mins 24 secs, which would mean more than a 3 min improvement on my time in Jan... BUT my shins get sore walking that fast, so I can't keep up the pace. Rather frustrating that it's not the lungs holding me back but lower legs!!! It's not even sore after I've stopped walking, just WHILE I'm doing so. Squash also has improved A LOT, and that's def the event that I'm looking forward to the most!!!

Other than the athletics Chris and I will def play some squash and gym during the course of the weekend... also have to do some cleaning, go to the bank, and visit my auntie Deanie who I haven't seen in like a YEAR! It's scary how fast time flies :-( Life really is short...

That's all I really have to say for now... Happy independence day for the US! Work was a bit quieter yesterday afternoon because our US Office was closed which meant no offshore stuff for me to do :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Wednesday...

Short Update:

Got a call from the gynae, and it's nothing serious!!! No cervical cancerness etc. Have some growth-thingy due to Prograff (like I said, Prograff is the root of all breathing AND evil things), that will have to be removed at some point in the future, so seeing the general surgeon or whatever type of Dr the guy is on Monday, and seeing the gynae again on Wednesday after my antibiotics are done.

Work is SERIOUSLY rough at the moment, hardly have time to eat during the day. Not cool but hopefully quieter soon. Also writing the Registered Persons Exam Module 0 on the 17th of July, so have to study for that. And train for the Games, been playing quite a lot of squash lately and getting rather good if I have to say so myself! My medical records for the Games has also been submitted.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, had cell tonight and dead tired now!