Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Biopsy went fine this morning, will get results on Friday. Weird to be an outpatient who just zipped in and out for a procedure and seeing all the other people taken to their wards :-) Wasn't stiff at all after the 8km walk on Sunday which is good. Hoping to be back at gym on Thursday.

My mom's coming up this weekend, which is going to be great!!! Haven't seen her since April. So it's going to be a BUSY weekend, just like I like them!

Nose rather snotty and I'm sneezing a lot, but don't have any other symptoms, so seems like it's sinus. The air is SOOOOO DRY here at the moment. Can't wait for some sea air next weekend! (next weekend is the long-weekend that Chris got us plane tickets to go to PE for!!!) Will also be celebrating my birthday with my PE friends while there.

That's all for now, will update after I get the test results!

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