Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alice + Chris = 9 months tomorrow!

The shirt is one that I got from Annelie who did the London marathon for CF fund-raising! Have worn it to gym twice now, and you can imagine how much attention the bright yellow attracts! Pretty cool :-)

Like the title says, tomorrow is our 9 month anniversary! It's a big one for me, as my previous relationship lasted only 9 months and a few days, so in a week's time or so C has officially been the longest boyfriend I've ever had! We'll probably go for a movie and supper tomorrow evening.

I'm ALSO writing my (first of a few) Registered Persons exam tomorrow... apparently you get your results immediately, which I hope will be the case! Have been on study leave for the past day-and-a-half, which was nice, and meant I could stay in bed a bit later this morning!!! Not too nervous, but keen to get it over with. Shouldn't be as hard as the Compliance Officer exam I wrote in March.

Have got athletics on Sat morning, which I'm not really looking forward to. Disliking the walking thing more and more. Much prefer running or something fast!!! It's just painfull, literally! It feels like it doesn't use my lungs to full capacity, my shins hurt when I do it, I have an urge to start jogging the whole time, and I CAN'T SEEM TO GO ANY FASTER!!!! So I'm REALLY looking forward to not having to do it anymore! BUT, at the same time it was my ticket to Oz, so it had it's purpose.



Annelie said...

Hope you will do very well with your training, not long to go!!! Congratulations on your 9 months, looking forward to meet Chris in December when we visit SA.

Annelie xx

chhunt said...

Love the shirt. Have fun with your sweety.