Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 month, 1 week and 1 day to the GAMES and AHA moments.

Just a short post…

I had 2 “aha-moments” in the past 3 days, which were both small things but so cool! Firstly, I’ve got a pair of really warm brown suede boots which I‘ve had since 2004 that I bought in the Lake Districts in England when my sister and I was on holiday there with Annelie and Bernie (aunt and uncle). However because I’ve always had NO calf muscles, they were so loose I could tuck jeans into them, and looked a bit weird if I wore them with a skirt because they were almost looked too big. Well on Sunday I wore them for the first time this winter, and they’re TIGHT AROUND MY CALVES! They fit like they’re supposed to now! Of course I’m hoping this is muscle and not just fat, lol!

The second one was this morning… I didn’t know what to wear, and eventually decided to try a nice button-up shirt I’ve also had since 2003, but only wore like 3 times because my chest was so enlarged because of difficulty breathing, it was way too tight. The buttons used to pull so tight that it looked like the shirt was too small for my boobs or something. Well I tried it on, already working on a plan B in my head, when I realized it FIT! Not just that, but it’s fitting perfectly, not tight AT ALL. I knew my chest was a bit smaller now, but hadn’t seen it this clearly yet :-)

So the week’s been off to a good start.

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