Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sorry about the lack of updating... like the title says, things have been hectic. Had the craziest week ever workwise, was so busy I felt like crying. So haven't been in the best of moods. Also had 2 Drs appointments, follow-up with gynae and the specialist surgeon guy. Gynae was happy and unless something goes wrong seeing her again in a year's time, yay. Surgeon guy couldn't really give me much to work with but hearing from him in the coming week, but no surgery will be neccessary. Oh, and also getting the Gardasil vaccinations against cervical cancer.

Training's been ok, been playing more squash lately, because it's much more fun than walking. Had athletics this morning and did a timed 1500m again... time was OK but not too great, could've done better. My dad's coming back from his 3 week holiday in PE tomorrow night, so Chris and I will be fetching him at the airport.

Last night was quite nice though, had supper with old varsity friend and Chris, and afterwards watched White Wedding, a South African movie which was really good. And got more than 8 hours sleep in, which was nice.

This week will be busy too, writing my exam on Friday, but have 1.5 days of Study leave at least. Although I will still be working from home a bit, but at least there's no traffic etc.

Going to a charity-type lunch function tomorrow, and will be studying and maybe playing some squash for the rest of the weekend... enjoy yours!!!!

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